Kalvin sent some photos to Tina.

Kalvin told the world that these photos were (are) part of another "reality series" "broadcast" on Youtube and possible on American TV (never happened) about Kalvin's life; what he does everyday, how he lives, how he loves, his wants, and likes and his haters.

Message Korff sent to Tina regarding this claim. LINK

Korff lost some weight (he did) and he was proud of that fact.

Korff got fat again (he did)....

Anyway, here's what Kalvin sent to Tina and then after releasing these, Korff threatened Tina with a law suit. Guess what, it never happened.

Of interest regarding these photos and Korff's response is that Korff then threatened "Tina" with a law suit because Korff stated that he owned the photos. Maybe yes, maybe no, but Korff did send them to Tina. In any case, Tina was never served or sued.