Korff Genius Son Lie

Here we present a Klassic Korff Rant regarding Korff's need to have a family. This Korff Rant took place on November 10, 2010, a full decade after his claimed a marriage to an Armenian lady which whom he claimed to have born a son with genius abilities.

From: kalkorff@kalkorff.com
Subject: Re: from Kal, here it is again
Date: Tue, 23 Nov 2010 05:42:37 +0530
To: Tina




So far, basic Compatibility 101 is proving elusive, isn't it?


On Nov 22, 2010, at 11:09 PM, Tina Vasquez wrote:

once again you ALWAYS think u r right on EVERYTHING...I told u my comprehension is still not where it should be. But YES it does seem to me that your mind was made up over the issue  of me being " too old"  sorry that is not loving and very insulting when u have no facts to prove that my eggs would have issues.  I do get the judiasm, more than u know...you dont know bcause u nver have time to talk with me about it.  I am the one now having to deal with a hurt child...ask your mom, as a mom we will do anything and everything to keep our child from harm..even killing.  now i have to deal with her being hurt because you led her to believe we would go away with you and be a family..NOW DO U GET?  you dont play with people like that!!!!

From: kalkorff@kalkorff.com
Subject: Re: from Kal, here it is again
Date: Mon, 22 Nov 2010 22:53:27 +0530
To: Tina


So this issue is NOT an issue, but in YOUR mind.

Furthermore, since it IS CLEARLY stated, I would submit that the reason WHY you supposedly can't "see" this is where the importance of this point is.

Re: "but you got your head so made up that it is "impossible" because of what happened with Michele..."

I DID NOT SAY THIS, so I have nothing further to add and I will NOT bother re-pasting what I DID write, which obviously you CHOOSE to not "understand" correctly.

WHY you "think" you "interfere" is beyond me. I NEVER said this.

And saying "goodbye" is another great example of "unconditional" — isn't it?

No, it is not. It's a great example of all or nothing.

Again, I will NEVER participate in such frameworks, it matters not WHO contrives them.


On Nov 22, 2010, at 10:06 PM, Tina Vasquez wrote:

I do get it and yes you compared me to michele when you stated comments about her child.  EVERYONE is different, how can you make assumptions   When you involve childrens feelings such as ******'s and then leave us high and dry after making promises upon promises  what do you think it does to her and I am left to deal with it.?  Its bad enough her father is not a father to her, yet she saw you as a father to her since you wanted to be a family.   I said goodbye because I do not want to interfere in your life, that is all it seems that I am to you is an interference..and to say that i only focused on what I wanted?  HELLO....who was the one who got offended when I didn't say we were family?  You were not pysically here.  I made the statement if I rememebr correctly about my only family was me and ******.  Yes I wanted you to be part of that,  That is what you wanted.  I wanted the same things as you.  To be by your side to fight this injustices going on.  But you are only focused on the fact of ME NOT being able to give you children.  When that is NOT really a major issue,  there are ways that can be tested and done.  I told you some time ago, I would love to have them with you, but you got your head so made up that it is "impossible" because of what happened with Michele...

From: kalkorff@kalkorff.com
Subject: Re: from Kal, here it is again
Date: Mon, 22 Nov 2010 21:34:43 +0530
To: Tina


Let me "understand" what you are claiming here.

First off, I did NOT "play" with your emotions, not at all.

I'm not even going to reply to this crazy notion, and I make no apologies for this. It is BEYOND bullshit, and how dare you lie like this.

This is particularly wrong and VERY offensive: "Yes i had strong feelings, i loved u, i gaveu my heart. now you have the nerve to compare me with michele? how dare u?"


You are also not Santa Claus, you are Tina. I "compared" you to NO ONE, I considered only Tina.

Again, I do not know how to respond to this, except to say that this is beyond childish.

I have no idea why you even mention her, since the issue is WHY I made the decisions I did and they ARE based on logic.

If this is ALL you "get" out of this whole thing especially after all of this time then I respectfully submit that you were focused on what YOU wanted, not on what US or WE wanted.

"WE" takes TWO people, it is never just one.

Your "recollection" of events, are not the same as mine.

I'm shocked.

You also kept continuously saying you loved me "unconditionally." I distinctly remember thinking to myself, "Well, if we do NOT get together, we'll see how she treats our 'friendship.'" 

Now I know, Tina, and it is disappointing. The fact we are not together does NOT affect my "friendship" towards you, it doesn't make you any "less" of a friend and if "friendship" is dependent on being together as a couple then this is NOT true friendship.

I have nothing else to add that wouldn't be repeating what you already know.

As I have said repeatedly, and you cannot "deny" this (not saying you would) I will always love you. I also always said I want you and ****** in my life.

But now you make it clear — it is your way or the highway, all or nothing.

I might be wrong on this, but since this is your reaction it is a sign from YHWH that my decision is right. And if it is right, YHWH will bless me and protect me from this, as is right. It also means I am likely to be rewarded soon, for it is written.

Please, look it up.

I have nothing else to add, this is YOUR problem, sorry to inform you — you are NOT going to make it mine.

This last comment by you says it all: you might as well now forget Judaism, because you just do NOT "get it" — "if u dont want me then its goodbye"

I will never submit to such a childish "ultimatum."

I'm a Jew.

Love always,

On Nov 22, 2010, at 8:42 PM, Tina Vasquez wrote:

first of all i find it pretty shitty that u would play with my emotions after all YOU were the one who wanted me to be with you.  Yes i had strong feelings, i loved u, i gaveu my heart. now you have the nerve to compare me with michele? how dare u?..as far as children go, i told u there is such thing as egg testing.  and menpause?  no, you have been out of contact with me to not know shit...the hormone issues were related to not being on right pill.  now i am on natural.  i get from this last email that you really dont love me.  if u did you would not be feeling this way to just dump everything.  we told u we would move anywhere with u. children r not an issue..no i cannot carry, but i was told i was not going thru the menopause.  there are other options for another to carry with our dna, but obviously you have no interest in me.  as far as other guys go, yes there r some that were interested but i do remeber tellingu i was picky AND NOT INTERESTED  in them..i havent had sex in yrs oh fucking well, that is going fo change now?  i think not. i cannot just go out an fuck someone for the hell of it.

if u dont want me then its goodbye

From: kalkorff@kalkorff.com
Subject: from Kal, here it is again
Date: Mon, 22 Nov 2010 17:35:12 +0530
To: Tina

Dear Tina,

Here's a letter which updates an earlier one I do not think you saw based on your recent comments these past few weeks about if I have made up my mind (perhaps you meant change it?) or not or decided what I am going to do, what is going on in general, etc, so this email replaces everything and it is as up to date as I write this and consolidate everything. I finally got a letter from my web hoster confirming many attacks, etc., and until I get settled in Asia and set up again, I won't have things stable. So for now Yahoo.com is best, since I can check that anywhere theoretically, but of course cc both, if wi fi works over there as it does here, I can do both, but I won't know til I am there. Ok, so here goes my jumbled letter, I think clear on logic and specifics, but awkward in structure because it is a mixture of a few and updated.

Update: Now NOT an issue, I have access to wi fi and broadband, now that I am settled here in India.

My Behavior — Sincere Apology
First off, I apologize sincerely for not being in much communication these past few months. 

I have already explained enough for you to have an idea of what has been going on, and let you know months ago that this would happen, and this was before I was set to leave the first time, set out to leave, but had to delay my trip, which I am now setting out on starting finally if you are reading this. I leave Wed or Thursday and have no arrival date and no exact location yet, but am doing what was discussed before, no need for me to type it hear.

I'm sorry again for not being in touch, but it has been one of those things, too many things to do and not enough time and I simply could not spend hours anymore on skype with you and ****** like before, not only was there no privacy but it was not practical.

The time and luxury just did not exist.

I have not been "mad" at you, have not "blamed" you for anything, there have been no issues of any significance, nothing. 

While I do appreciate that you have been feeling better, losing weight, decided to take a newer, more positive outlook on life after saying you had "lost" yourself for a bit, etc., I am so happy for you that these changes are taking place and that they're good ones and that you welcome them of course, they're true blessings.

My distance lately with you per se, has not been "personal" and it should not be taken this way. I have had to turn my life upside down, and then just when I thought it got "simple" and largely figured out, that I would just come to the USA and voila, this last chance stuff in Asia popped up and I could never have imagined, it is practically paranormal per se, and just starting. 

And this fact has basically cemented my decisions I have reached here, these extra few weeks have not only confirmed things, but the "rest of my life" now literally begins over there — and culminates with my visit to the USA, but not living there. 

I know this now, I did NOT know this before, — as much as I can "know" anything, considering the specific circumstances involved here.

Here is the reality of what I am going to do: I am leaving for Asia, I have no idea how long I will be gone, I know I have six months to get done what I need to do and then take things from there. Take things form there means that I know of course I will be in the USA for the book tour when the time is right, but know nothing more. I do not even know a release month nor a completion month yet for the project. In one of the places I am going for sure, I signed a statement with their government over there that I would engage in no journalism, (I signed this statement just last week) and I will keep this promise. But obviously this delays my timeline — again.

Gee, that's some "future" to try to hitch oneself to, isn't it? This is the perfect way to plan, isn't it? 

Asking a woman especially, or any person to just sit out and wait like this after the already long wait?

No, it sucks concerning these issues, it does not work. 

We're too old and mature to know better.

And let us say that it did or could, the fact is another year essentially gets kissed off, and it is NOT right to ask you or anyone to wait to suspend any serious plans for such "planning" since planning is not possible. I would not wait for you, and you should not wait for me, Tina, if this much time were involved — and it IS — especially since you keep indicating how sexually frustrated you are after all these years being alone, and I mean this out of deference to your repeated comments, nothing more. You have many guys who want you, according to you. You can largely pick and choose who you wish to be with, you're blessed.

Children — I CANNOT Budge On This One, Sorry

Now we have another serious reality, and it is likely the most important one. 

I want to be a father. When I say father I mean a biological one. Of course ****** is no problem and I would never distinguish between the two if we ever got together, I made this clear always since this was always my position and it has never changed.

Specifically, I desire two or three children, I have thought this through with everything I have, believe me on this, and I know that no matter when I start this process, it will be late in my life. 

It ALREADY IS LATE in my life, no question.

Late also in anyone's life as well if they are with me and this person is yourself, because we are of the same age.

Let us be honest with each other, as much as this hurts, understandably, when we ponder the consequences of this truth.

You might be able to have one child, and even this would be "iffy," especially now that you said you are going through the change. 

Just so you know, Michele had a child with a thyroid condition as well and her child ended up being born with down syndrome. 

While this does not automatically prove that this same fate would await us or anyone else, even though you both have thyroid conditions, the odds increase nonetheless that there will be a problem.

Now, let us say that there would be no problem, you would be 49 by the time this child would be born, that's if we got busy to make one immediately, and 51-52 by the time a second would be born. Even older if there were a third. This is not logical and I cannot ask anyone to endanger their health nor accept this as "Plan A" in my one and only shot at this. 

If I fuck this up, it is permanent either way and I cannot risk it. It is also not very logical, despite the risks, which are considerable.

I UNDERSTAND the Brutal Reality Check and Consequences

I know the brutal reality of the solution to this problem means that it must be someone else, if I am to try to buck the odds at our age of 48 and soon to be 49, to have kids. I want to be a father, or I am a failure as a life form. Obviously this person also must be younger than us, logically, by several years.

My brother won't have kids, my sister has no Korffs. If I do not do this, even if I did not want any, and I DO, our genetic line dies, period, — and I will NOT accept this — UNLESS I DO SOMETHING! I am the ONLY person who can solve this problem, there is NO OTHER KORFF BROTHER, and mine won't do anything.

I will also never forgive my brother for never being a father, it is bad enough that I have waited this long, and inexcusable to boot — and this is NOT a comment about you or considering you at all. I just wanted to be a father younger in my life than obviously I will be at some point, but I MUST take this chance to be one, I will be beyond blessed if I can have three, or two — and I have ONE SHOT AT THIS TO GET IT RIGHT, and no one to complete this with.

It is not only a Jewish thing to keep the name and DNA bloodline going, but it is the right thing to do, regardless. I say this even if I were not a Jew I know I would and do feel the same way.

I have thought long and hard about this, have prayed about it, it pains me, but I can't budge on this. Believe me, it is extra painful this way. Normally, holding firm on wanting to be a father is not painful.

This is and it is not.

I admire ****** very much. I think she is a great kid. I am glad her first puppy love is a Jewish guy, serves her right — I hope he likes Apple over Dell as well. :-)

I did not know about some of these other aspects of ****** which surfaced recently before I was not in much communication. Perhaps it seemed there was a connection, that after I learned I was not in touch much at all — no, there was not. Not at all. While I remain disappointed in some of the stuff she has done, none of it was a deal breaker by any means, never considered it for a moment.

My concerns about not being together and moving forward have nothing to do with ****** and I would be happy to help her any way that I can in her life, but obviously I will not now be able to play a role in her life as first envisioned if I am not even there and this is not even possible, it would not matter who the people are who are involved. It's just physics. If I am not there, I cannot even tease her at night to remind her of what she knows, that Dell sucks compared to Apple. That will never change. :-)


I know the proverbial bottom line here sucks from your perspective: we will not be together, and I see no way to resolve/solve this with me going to be over here for at least six months as far as I know, with war breaking out by the end of this time window as published reports indicate, and with the issue of kids and HOW to plan for all of this.

I have no doubt that I could be happy with you, Tina. 

I will ALWAYS love you, truthfully, and you know this. I also did everything I could to try to get over there earlier, and always thought I would just do something in Europe before heading over.

By together I mean I will not simply come over there and start my life with you and move to California and settle in. It has nothing to do with you, I simply cannot go down this road at this time, and if I could it would be later and that "later" is a year away and not realistic to ask you or anyone to wait, and then the issue of kids torpedoes everything since if we wait for one year, the time is against us and I would not be there now to start them, etc., so it does not work and you cannot come to Asia with me, where I will be — the locations of which I do not even know yet.

While you are free to wait and do as you decide, and I know you will and I mean this in a complimentary sense, I am saying please do not wait for me. There's no point.

I won't be in touch much for the next several weeks as i get settled, this is true with everyone.

I can't realistically be in touch for sometime. It is not realistic nor "loving" to ask you to wait, and wait and "plan" for something so nebulous and uncertain, I wish I knew what the future holds.

But I just know that the rest of my life begins over there, and that YHWH has truly blessed me beyond words on all this, despite the pain, despite the sacrifice, despite the sometimes tough conditions.

Once I get settled i CAN stay in touch easily, and if we stay in regular touch it will show the real level of our friendship, etc. I'm looking forward regardless, because as i said and I was serious to both you and ****** and it is the reason I even teared up a bit, I DO want both of you in my life, but I do NOT want it in a way where this hole will exist, and I know YHWH will plug it and bless me, and I know that the rest of my life begins sooner than later.

I have to do this, I cannot throw away the chance to become a biological father, I have thought it through, and I am not going to even be in the USA for many months, and then it will only be related to the tour and not to settle down in the USA. I do not know anymore yet, not even a location, but I do expect to be in Israel next year at some point, after Asia, likely my next stop.

OK, sending this so you get it, I will use Yahoo.com to communicate since I will be on the road and unable to access largely Apple mail. 

I DO LOVE YOU BOTH, and I am VERY SORRY the waiting has been frustrating, and to not have been in touch much these past couple of months, but I've done all I can to handle everything on all fronts, and now I am leaving to go do stuff which will determine the rest of my life. It has been hard dealing with this and facing it, and seeing if this hole called a children could be filled or to try to find alternatives. But I'm not going to have one woman for a wife, and another the biological mother of my child. They should be the same if possible, and it IS possible with what little time I have left, and while this is going on I also must leave and go do these things to close out the book, do my last assignments, etc.

I wish I could tell you how it will turn out, but I do not know...I just know what I must try to do and that failure is not an option.

If you wish to wait you can, but is it WORTH it?

I do not think so. If I were Tina, I would NOT wait.

If Tina is available after Kal finishes whatever he is supposed to do and the interest and desires are there, then Kal ducks a bullet and maybe Tina and Kal are together, but the other issues remain, especially the issue of children. 


So I have considered myself AVAILABLE and ON THE MARKET per se, since I made this decision, but PLEASE DO NOT READ ANYTHING INTO THIS. I have spent ZERO time and energy going after anyone and there is NO ONE on the horizon nor am I involved with nor looking for.

So I consider us both SINGLE, although this is a formality, I am NOT "looking for someone" and if someone floors me and sweeps me off my feet and all that other stuff, well, then it is meant to be per se with that person, but there is no such individual and unless YHWH hits me over the head and immediately, I'll still be single many months from now.

What I DO KNOW is that WHATEVER awaits me, it WILL happen at light speed.

I have asked and prayed for YHWH to PLEASE LET ME BE A FATHER, which means by ramification to meet the person who WILL bear my children, etc., I will marry that person and be theirs forever, that's what I want. I want to be a father, or I am a failure as a life form, and I MUST be a biological father, especially since my family's DNA (which has the unique Ashkenazi genetic markers DIES) and this is NOT acceptable.

So when YHWH blesses me, because if I do what is right and am worthy, YHWH always blesses everyone, when YHWH blesses me it will be all of a sudden and all at once and I am READY — but it's like pulling guard duty at a remote post stationed half way around the world. I'm waiting for whatever, though NOT dating nor out trolling nor patrolling for anyone, minding my own business, doing my duties as best I can, and the nature of the duties, motivations, prayers and all that GUARANTEE that the Lord will bless whatever and cause whatever, — IF my understanding of things is correct and I am worthy of it.

Only YHWH knows, but SOMETHING is about to break, and I can feel it.

Love you both always,