To Occupy Or To Not Occupy

The Occupy movement started on September 17th, 2011. Kalvin Korff waddled onto the band wagon over a month later and he made a grand pronouncement of his Face Book Wall.
Then, almost a full month later Kalvin posted this update for all his Face Book friends.
Here's the text of the entire FAKE interview.
Kal Korff ~ Here is an excerpt from one of my interviews with an Occupy Wall Street protester. I am sure apologists will say he is an "exception," but of course this is not true.

Q: You have issued a manifesto for your group, in late September, September 20th as I recall. It says, "Exercise your right to peaceably assemble; occupy public space; create a process to address the problems we face, and generate solutions accessible to everyone."

And yet here you are occupying Zuccotti Park, which is private property. Aren't you breaking your own rules and being a hypocrite?

A: Not at all. We are exercising our right to protest.

Q: Your own group says it is wrong to trespass and occupy private property, and that you are limiting your demonstrations to public property. But this park is not public property, is it?

A: We have the right to protest.

Q: You are not answering my question. Is this park public or private property?

A: Private.

Q: So you are breaking the laws and trespassing, occupying private property just like an illegal squatter.

A: That's not the same thing.

Q: Do you admit that this is private property, yes or no?

A: Yes, it's private. Owned by the city.

Q: Owned by the city? Are you nuts? The city does not own this property, it is privately held.

A: Yes. It's private.

Q: And you say it is wrong to trespass on private property. You say it is wrong to occupy private property. But you're doing it, aren't you?

A: It's different, we're protesting.

Q: Are you feeling ok? You admit this is private property. Your own rule book says to limit yourself to protesting in public places, to not trespass and spend the night on private property. You also admitted that the police have a right to remove you because you are breaking laws, remember?

A: Yes, (confused) yes.

Q: So why is it different? Where's the difference?

A: (No answer)
As of February, 2012 the promised article based on 1200 interviews conducted over Skype and e-mails has never been released. Now that the movement is pretty much over, Kalvin missed his chance but he did follow though with yet another lie to add to his ever growing list of lies. Well done Kalvin, well done.