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Kalvin Karlton Korff has always been big on titles and claims. He likes titles because they separate him from the masses and he thinks they put him on an educated pedestal without putting in the work to actually get that education. Kalvin attended a Junior College in Fremont. California for a short time but in reality he has a high school diploma and he's self taught to some degree. Masters Claim LINK

Listen as Kalvin Karlton Korff makes grandiose claims about his titles, his projects and ultimately, his failures. Keep in mind that as off November, 2011, Korff's web site has been down.

Korff claims that no one but he can comment on Korff but Korff. Fair enough Kalvin. We post your claims, promises and threats and then back those posts up with your own words, data and behaviour.
A common return when searching for Kal Korff data on the internet.

Let's look at the titles and claims of Kalvin Karlton Korff

Media - Associates Korff Claims

  1. ABC
  2. BBC
  3. Beyond Reality
  4. CNN’s Larry King Live!
  5. Daily Review, Argus
  6. Discovery Channel
  7. DW2
  8. Entertainment Tonight
  9. Facebook
  10. Fortean Times
  11. FOX
  12. Frontiers of Science
  13. Gambi Publications in New York
  14. Indianapolis Star
  15. Jack Landman
  16. Jeff Rense
  17. Laura Lee Show
  18. LBC Radio, UK
  19. Metropolitni Expres
  20. MSNBC Online
  21. National Geographic TV
  22. NBC’s Leeza
  23. Oakland Tribune
  24. Ohlone Monitor
  25. Omni
  26. Phoenix New Times
  27. Plus
  28. Radio Free Europe
  29. Radio Praha
  30. RTL
  31. Saga UFO Report
  32. San Francisco Chronicle
  33. San Francisco Examiner
  34. San Jose Mercury News
  35. Skepsis
  36. Skepter
  37. Skeptical Inquirer
  38. Stanford Daily
  39. The Daily Post of India
  40. The European Bureau Chief of the X-Zone Radio Show
  41. The Prague Post
  42. the South China Daily
  43. The Washington Post
  44. TV Nova
  45. U.S. News and World Report
  46. UFO Matrix
  47. UFO Report Magazine
  48. Yakima Herald
  49. TRUE
  50. YouTube

Employers - Associates Korff Claims

  1. American Patrol Services
  2. Apple Computer
  3. Capital Idea
  4. Claris
  5. Dublin Computer Systems
  6. Fox Security Services
  7. Montgomery Wards
  8. Service Systems
  9. Syberdine Systems
  10. The Boeing Company
  11. Well Fargo Guard Services
    (where he held the rank Lieutenant and was a Shift Supervisor)
  12. WJM Consulting
  13. Worked with Quantex Corporation
  14. Worked with the Jet Propulsion Laboratory
  15. Xerox

Korff Titles and Claims

  1. This is the mother of all claims. This claim started the entire fake Counter Terrorism and Fighter of Communism persona.

    Korff, "So by the time 1979 rolls around, I am getting ready to leave high school finally and Khomeini takes over Iran, and Russia invades Afghanistan, and I am invited to the World Affairs Council meeting over the event and I just lay waste to the Russian delegation visiting there (it is in the first chapter I am sending) and I got secretly involved in fighting terrorism at that point and also fighting against Communism."

    Segment #3 - The X-Zone Show, May 16, 2008.
    "From where did you obtain your expertise in Terrorism?"

    This is a lie until Korff proves otherwise. LINK

  2. Septemeber 8, 2006 ~ Korff, "On several occasions, after I sold the Syrians bogus plans for an a bomb, there were attempts on my life. THIS is THE REASON I LEFT CALIFIORNIA PERMANENTLY, RESETTLED IN WASHINGTON AND WORKED AT BOEING." LINK

  3. Septemeber 8, 2006 ~ Korff, "I relocated to Prague BECAUSE this is the best place to be and WHERE all the action takes place. You may remember that Muhammad Atta was in Prague. I was the individual that LEAKED the story to the press because we knew that the Miniter of Interior here for the Czech Republic, Stanislav Gross, was corrupt. Gross later resigned. He resigned because of corruption AFTER he became Prime Minister here." LINK
  4. Septemeber 8, 2006 ~ Korff, "The reason Bush is even now using the term Islamofascism is because I have been forcing this issue as part of trying to force Condoleeza's "politically correct" Dept of State to REALLY TALK TO PEOPLE, ADDRESS THE CAUSES, ETC. or  we will LOSE this war."

  5. Septemeber 8, 2006 ~ Korff, "I am never returning to America as far as I know, and am working on nanobot assassins, which are in the book as well."
  6. Archaeology ~ LINK
  7. Artificial intelligence
  8. Computing
  9. Consumer Fraud Advocate
  10. Criminology
  11. Forensics ~ LINK
  12. Graphical user interfaces
  13. Historical research
  14. Human interface design
  15. Hypermedia
  16. IT Specialist
  17. Kidon Unit Commander ~ LINK
  18. Media Personality

  19. Multimedia
  20. Nanotechnology ~ LINK
  21. Photography
  22. Physics
  23. Computer Systems Process Architect
  24. Jewish Sayanim
  25. Weaponry
  26. Broadcaster
  27. A TV Producer and Director of Documentaries (claim made in September, 2002)
  28. Lecturer
  29. Producer
  30. Teacher
  31. Humanitarian ~ LINK
  32. Invented hypertext (a.k.a. clickable links on the internet) while "an engineer at Apple"
  33. Apple, Windows and Linux Software Developer
  34. WEB Architect and Content Management System Designer
  35. Executive Special Advisor
  36. Syndicated Investigative Journalist ~ vetted with Military Clearance. ~ LINK

  37. Counter Terrorist Specialist
  38. Counter Terrorist Specialist Trainer
  39. Kal Korff appeared on TV as a special, featured honoured guest with the Mars Pathfinder landing team.
  40. The first person to actually solve JFK's murder.
  41. Expert witness in the O.J. Simpson civil defence case. LINK
  42. Became the youngest person ever known to develop a fully functional design for a nuclear "doomsday" weapon. LINK
  43. Claims he is the A Bomb Kid. This is the real A Bomb Kid, John Aristotle Phillips. LINK His story is very similar story to Korff's claim.
  44. Began fighting Communism and International terrorism, secretly, in November, 1979

  45. Claims to have finished high school in three years, and returned during his fourth year to graduate with his classmates.

  46. Claims to have lectured 240,000 between the ages of 13 to 18. 240,000 divided by 6 years = 40,000 people per year. LINK Look at what it would take to keep that pace up. LINK Korff would have to do 85 of those event per year. Since 1975, claims to have lectured to more than 300,000 people in the United States and Europe. He only added 60,000 to his high school total?
  47. 2007 ~ Kal Korff first started lecturing at the young age of 13! Kal has given thousands of speeches to more than 400,000 people across the United States, throughout Europe and in the Middle East.
  48. May 28, 2011: Kal has lectured to more than 300,000 people worldwide.
  49. Published more than 10,000 articles.
  50. Materials in 64 magazines and newspapers around the world.
  51. Security-cleared Senior Systems Analyst, Level III, at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory during the original U.S. Government-funded Strategic Defence Initiative or “Star Wars” program.
  52. Kal Korff, "I REMIND you of this historical fact: I knew former CIA Director Bill Casey. I am a protégé of William Casey. . Born the same day, March 13th. Look it up!"

  53. Kal Korff, "I also delivered weapons years ago to someone named Lt. Colonel Oliver North." "Go ask Mr. Roy Neil if you do NOT "believe" me, he is an eyewitness and has a book I got signed for him from North personally."
  54. Youngest ever Columnist for Gambi Publications in New York.
  55. Korff, "I speak many different languages." LINK
  56. The largest Czech daily newspapers in the European Union published several exclusive stories which blew open and subsequently proved the long standing rumours that Kal Korff is also a Captain in an elite unit known as the Special Secret Services or (S3). ~ LINK
  57. September, 2011 ~ Claims to have been asked to be the "host" of a documentary called "An In CONvenient Truth". Never mentioned this claim again, never happened. Notice the CAPITAL letters CON, a Korff habit. Korff's states that he will likely accept the offer. Always a way out of a Korff Klaim. LINK
  58. Claims meeting with the DOS to inform them of this and that. No proof, ever. LINK
  59. June 2, 2011 ~ Claims to have spoken with the Pakistan Minister of Interior. No proof, ever. LINK
  60. 2010 ~ Claimed would release UFO documents from the US Department of Defence. No proof, never released anything. LINK
  61. Expected to make history with his three book series called Secret Wars: Defending Against Terrorist Plots, which will be published by Prometheus Books in 2007.
  62. The former Chief Information Officer (CIO), Chief Technical Officer (CTO) and Columnist for the newspaper The Prague Post.
  63. The former President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of TotalResearch. This is Korff's own one-man research group.
  64. Vice-President and is a co-inventor of the “BookBrowser” online information system.

  65. New TV series, Secret Wars, produced by Pavel Janousek and Saudi millionaire Sheikh Khalid Mohammad. ~ LINK
  66. Represented by the largest law firm in the CZ, European Union.
  67. Authorized under Security Decision Directive ~ NSDD 166. US Policy, Programs, and Strategy in Afghanistan. LINK
  68. As a Jew and Biblical Scholar (the 25 year study of the Exodus we were involved in is being published by a major university later this year, just ask BRAD SPARKS!
  69. Alien Autopsy film producer Ray Santilli to be prosecuted for consumer fraud. Images to support lie.
    1 ~ 2

  70. Billy Meier and his promoter Michael Horn to be prosecuted for consumer fraud. Images to support the lie.
    1 ~ 2 ~ 3 ~ 4

  71. Get bigfoot guy Bob Gimlin "under oath" and have him put under "cross examination."
  72. Head of a forensics project in the Balkans.
  73. Korff also claimed he would have a chip implanted in him for his "ops" for a reality tv show showing "Captain" Korff fighting terrorism and taking down UFO frauds.

  74. Claimed to created cutting edge technology for use on the Internet.
  75. Has a $25,000,000 budget to work with to pursue UFO frauds.

  76. Has a 500 book deal.
  77. Is a Captain in the Special Secret Services and works in anti-terrorism as a SAPSTOE (Special Activities Planning Strategies Tactics Operations Execution). ~ LINK
  78. Korff claims to have been promoted directly to Colonel.
  79. Korff offered to provide the name of a Sheriff here in Oregon that would confirm Korff's claims. Never did.
  80. Claimed to have nuclear components from Iraq.
  81. Claims to have planted nanodust on the Afghan boarder.

  82. Claims to be an instructor in Krav Maga.
  83. Korff makes the claim to have given a speech at the International Astronomical Union's Conference. This claim is a confirmed lie. LINK
  84. January 8, 2007 ~ Kal Korff: "I am known as K64 as you know, and I have several "careers" now and draw multiple salaries based on distinctly different kinds of expertise, as I have claimed. On being a Captain, when I retire, a wonderful account in Lichetnstein is waiting for me."

  85. November 2006 ~ Korff: "I was part of the Mac development team in 1983/84. Wild times under Mr. Jobs back then."
  86. Claimed release of the first Korff Kalander on December 21, 2006. Never happened. Images to support lie.
    1 ~ 2 ~ 3

  87. August, 2006 ~ Claimed that a person named, Dorothy Toone, Korff's mother, helped Korff and Mossad raid a house in Hamburg, Germany. Image to promote lie.

  88. 2006: Claimed to be releasing Billy Meier - Michael Horn material called "Light Yarns"; promised 24 books (the 32 books). Images to support lie.
    1 ~ 2 ~ 3 ~ 4 ~ 5 ~ 6 ~ 7 ~ 8
    9 ~ 10 ~ 11 ~ 12 ~ 13 ~ 14 ~ 15 ~ 16

  89. Before Don Ecker went "Full Throttle Don Ecker" on Korff, Korff released a few videos on Youtube under the title "Desperate Don". In one of these videos Korff promised to release a video of some sort which people could purchase for $24.95. it should come as no surprise that this DVD never say the light of day. Audio to support the lie.

  90. 2007: Kal Korff: "I am also a Nanotechnologist."
  91. Is the director of a nanotechnology project.
  92. 2007: Promised to launch a web site to support the t-shirts, coffee cups, etc., listed above, to go after the claims of Billy Meier and Michael Horn; Never happened.

  93. 2007 Claim: "Since October 19, 1973 I have been involved with over 500 operations and projects." (we're not surprised)
  94. 2007 ~ Korff: "I do appearances all the time. I am due to address the top 40 military officers here in the Czech Republic."
  95. 2007 ~ Claimed a new Roswell series, NINE books to be released. Never happened.
  96. 2007 ~ Korff: "CriticalThinkers has now ACQUIRED Knihovnik Press. This means that I, Kal Korff, am now a publisher."

  97. 2007 ~ Korff: "The US military WILL be "talking" to Randle about his claims against them re Roswell. Never happened."
  98. 2007 ~ Martina Týčová: "Yes, I am engaged in legal activities against Mr. Ray Santilli. I have hired the top Czech law firm to come after him."
  99. 2007 ~ Kal Korff: "The Special Secret Services is opening up an office here in Prague soon."
  100. Claimed that he would come back to the US if called to public service there.

  101. 2007 ~ Kal Korff: "I was a Captain and am now a Colonel."
  102. 2007 ~ Korff on the Alien Autopsy: "Santilli effort was blown by the magician. Can't resurrect it. Wasted 10,000 USD for no good fucking reason."
  103. Introducing NEW Revolutionary Video Editing Software

    April 10th, 2007 by Martina Tycova

    Kal Korff will announce on The X Zone Radio Show with Rob McConnell, the impending release very shortly of some revolutionary software that has been in literal secret development for six years.

    “I am honored to have on with me on the show tonight, on Rob McConnell’s XZone Radio Show, our surprise mystery guest. He is one of the key inventors of this revolutionary software which will be out shortly, and he will also confirm that I am a Captain in S3.” ~ Neil Research Parent Company ~ Our Research into this claim ~ LINK

  104. 2008 ~ Korff: "I will be on my Secret Wars book tour in 2008."
  105. Claimed would release the ufowatchcat internet browser. Never did.
  106. Claims made by Korff to Rob McConnell and his X-Zone Radio Show: 001 ~ Kal Korff for a period of over one year told me that he would get The ‘X’ Zone Radio Archives on Apple iTunes, which he never did. The ‘X’ Zone Archives on iTunes are being done through a company which is not affiliated with Kal in any manner whatsoever.
  107. 002 ~ Kal Korff said that he had developed a reader that we would be able to use to sell The ‘X’ Chronicles Newspaper for down loading onto the Apple iPod and iPhone, which again in a period over a year, he was unable to do. Thanks to Scribd ( , we are able to sell The ‘X’ Chronicles on the internet which can be read on the Apple iPod and iPhone. Again, this company has nothing to do with Kal whatsoever.
  108. 003 ~ Kal Korff told me that he had investors which were putting twenty-five million dollars (USD) into his television series exposing people for commercial fraud and he had asked me to host his series. The pilot was to be shot in Prague. Well, this never happened and his investors seemed to slip away into the night.
  109. 004 ~ Kal Korff told me that he was entering into an agreement with SONY and BONTON in Prague to manage a property that would also be an outlet for his products – this project never materialized.
  110. 005 ~ Kal Korff asked me to be the host for a DVD set that he was doing with Michael Horn on the Billy Meier case – nothing has ever happened on this project.
  111. 006 ~ Kal Korff said that he was going to charge many, many people with consumer fraud – and to this point after more than a year – nothing has happened.

  112. 007 ~ Kal Korff had agreed to a Roswell debate with Kevin Randle – of which Kal Korff backed out of at the very last minute.
  113. 008 ~ Kal Korff had agreed to investigate claims made a member of the US Military of giant skeletons found in Europe, but never did.
  114. 009 ~ Kal Korff claims to have been a witness in the O J Simpson trial of which, to this date, no proof has ever been found to substantiate this claim.
  115. 010 ~ There is no proof to substantiate any claims whatsoever that Kal Korff has a 24 volume / 500 book deal with any legitimate publisher or publishers.
  116. 011 ~ Kal Korff claimed to have sent us nanotechnology in between the last page and the back cover of a copy of one of his books which we did receive, but after careful examination there was no proof of any nanotechnology found. Kal Korff told me that using a magnification glass or 10 x microscope I would be able to confirm the identity of this nanotechnology. A contact at The University of Waterloo in Ontario said that nanotechnology would NOT be able to be viewed with a magnifying glass or low powered microscope.
  117. 012 ~ There are no credentials that have ever been shown by Kal Korff that he ever obtained the rank of “Captain” and now “Colonel” in a legitimate military or para-military organization or the Mickey Mouse Fan Club for that matter. Besides, isn’t the rank of Major before Colonel?
  118. 013 ~ Kal Korff backed away from a debate with an expert on the JFK assassination that we were arranging.
  119. 014 ~ Kal Korff in one of his last aired interviews on The ‘X’ Zone told us that by this time, Israel would have attacked Iran by this time. Well, it seems that the self proclaimed intelligence expert missed the mark and his “intell” did not include the recent election and the Iranian people’s fight for democracy.
  120. 015 ~ Korff told McConnell that he would make available to his listeners a custom iPod outfitted with widgets that would reflect McConnell's show, etc. Not a single iPod was ever sent to McConnell, ever. McConnell even started to take orders and publicize the device! Image to support Korff's scam. ~ LINK

    The X-Zone Show, May 1, 2008. Korff is questioned on how best to answer listener questions regarding the Korff-supplied X-Zone radio iPod.

  121. 016 ~ May 9, 2008 - Claimed to have solved the Betty and Barney Hill Case. Never released any data to back up this claim.

  122. Claimed to be a partner (of some sort) with VIDEO Glue.
  123. Claims that Martina Tycova is a super model, a Lieutenant, an Agent and a body guard. LINK
  124. Claimed to be part of something called the Human Body Project (or Body Human Project). email them and ask them yourself.

  125. Claimed to have attended an Obama speech in the CZ and would release a report on the speech. Never did.
  126. Claimed to have sent of the manuscript for his book (or series of book) to Prometheus. Never did. ~ LINK
  127. Claimed to have a video and would post it, showing the mailing off of the manuscript for his book (or series of book) to Prometheus. Never did.
  128. Claimed to have a genius son from a pervious marriage. Never proved. ~ LINK
  129. Converted to Judaism (via simple declaration) and founded "Special Secret Services"

  130. Claimed to have been proposed to by an Princess from India. Never proven. LINK
  131. Claims his first name is Kal and not Kalvin. His fathers name is; Kalvin Kern Korff. His brothers name is Kurtis Kern Korff.
  132. September, 2006: Kal Korff, "I do NOT believe in IQs, but I have one of 219. Ever since this was "discovered" when I was in high school, I have led a very "X Files" type life. This is WHY there is an attempt now to do a TV series based on my many secret lives. So people will claim I am a government agent, spy, etc., and YES and NO!"

  133. Claimed to play keyboards, produced a music CD_ROM and was going to put on a music concert. Never happened, any of it.
  134. Claimed to deliver on his claim of proof showing Saddam Hussein had nuclear capabilities and weapons of mass destruction.
  135. Claims to hold himself accountable under the same standards he selectively applies to others.
  136. Claims against James Clinton from Face Book. Korff, " I will file a formal FELONY complaint against you for cyberstalking."
  137. A threat made to "Tina" after Tina sent a package of truth to Korff's mother, Dorothy Toone. Kal Korff, using the name of his fake bodyguard. Avimi, "I am writing to inform you that your package sent to Col. Kal Korff's mother, unsolicited, is being turned over to the police for examination. Police will contact the local authorities in your area to communicate a message to you. Cease and desist." The police never did contact Tina.
  138. The last Face Book message Korff sent to Tina, using the name of his fake bodyguard. Avimi: "If you contact Col. Korff again, you will be reported under appropriate guidelines as per law in your country." ~ LINK
  139. Claimed but failed to audit Kevin Randle using KPMG.

  140. Claimed but failed to audit Oregon District Attorney using KPMG.
  141. Claimed but failed to audit the UFO Watch Dog web site using KPMG.
  142. Claimed but failed to release a multi volume Roswell books.
  143. Claimed but failed to meet public challenge of F1 Racer
  144. Claimed but failed to deliver video alleging to show police corruption
  145. Claimed to disclose to consumers his brother's felony conviction and prison sentence, instead said brother was found innocent
  146. Claimed but failed to disclose to public that his website got hacked and potentially placing consumers' data at risk. Hackers posted this image on the site. LINK

  147. Claimed but failed to deliver a video of himself mailing off "nanobot components"
  148. Claimed but failed to sue Royce Meyer. Audio to support the lie.

  149. Claimed he was going to sue, turn into the police, etc., David Biedny. Nothing was done. Audio to support the lie.

    Here's the truth regarding this episode.

  150. Claimed but failed to deliver evidence "exposing" Steven Spielberg.

    Witness the Korff Man-Child expose himself. Here, Korff tries to present his patently and proven fake public persona(s) as real and factual personas.

  151. Promised an 18 part video series exposing Paul Kimball called"The Other Side of the Truth is a Lie". Image to support lie. Not a single video was ever released.
  152. Has been making the claim to be working on, to receive shortly, etc., a Masters, or some other higher education sheep skin, worry not that Kalvin has a High School diploma, with zero honours. Image to support lie. ~ LINK
  153. Claimed but failed to deliver 50 videos exposing F1Racer and JimmyD.
  154. Promised to release an Occupiers article in 2011. Failed ~ LINK
  155. Claimed to received 50,000 letters in two years, and answered 80% of them!
  156. Claims his autobiography will be released soon. Image to support lie.
  157. Last (not really), but certainly not least. Kalvin Karlton Korff's claims to have given his first sexual girlfriend 26 orgasms in 44 minutes. That would be 1.7 orgasms per minute, or 1 orgasm every 101 seconds. I did look for the record and I found it here LINK 134 in 1 hour, so maybe this did happen as you say. Read Kalvin's claim here. LINK

    Back in 2007 a guy actually took the time to make some calls.

    Bigger Image LINK