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Korff Klaims

We have identified the point in time where Korff claims that his professional activities in Counter Terrorism and as a Fighter of Communism persona had lift off.

Korff claims to have been invited to give a speech at the 1980 World Affairs Council Conference, held in San Francisco, California.

Korff, "So by the time 1979 rolls around, I am getting ready to leave high school finally and Khomeini takes over Iran, and Russia invades Afghanistan, and I am invited to the World Affairs Council meeting over the event and I just lay waste to the Russian delegation visiting there (it is in the first chapter I am sending) and I got secretly involved in fighting terrorism at that point and also fighting against Communism."

Segment #3 - The X-Zone Show, May 16, 2008.
"From where did you obtain your expertise in Terrorism?"

We contacted the San Francisco branch of the WAC and they have no documentation to prove (or disprove) that Korff ever attended or gave a speech at any of their locations or conferences. We also contacted the main branch of the WAC and they also have no information to prove (or disprove) Korff's involvement at any WAC location or conference.

We've scoured the web for any media coverage of Korff's claim and none can be found.

In the end, it's Korff's obligation to prove this important CLAIMED milestone in his life. Korff can not, the organization he claims to have been involved can not, and there is no media coverage of his involvment.

This is a lie until Korff proves it otherwise.