Korff made a claim back in 2006 that he is, and has been, fighting communism and international terrorism since November, 1979. This claim was first made in print in Korff's own publication "Kal's Korner" in September 11, 2006 edition.

Korff Rank Klaim from December, 2008

"So this is what I have spent my last seven years focused on, as an Analyst, a Jew, and I got promoted two ranks because of agreeing to sign on for 10 years, years ago, and because of this project (Book series?) and also three people getting killed which depleted our ranks. We are a private group, and if people knew the HEBREW name it of course has been right under everyone's nose."

ed. First off, Korff skipped more than two ranks. Korff claims to have been brought into the ranks as a Captain, and then within a short span of time Korff was promoted to the rank of Colonel. In "normal" service, here's a common ranking oganization step chart:

Captain (Capt.)
Major (Maj.)
Lieutenant Colonel (Lt. Col.)
Colonel (Col.)

Regarding the 10 year claim, one assumes 1999 to 2011, Korff claims a marriage to an Armenian in 1999, Indian princess in 2011 and Korff dropped all reference to these SAPTOE claims in 2011... coincidence, or truth?

Here's a January 2012 reference to this claim. Try as he might, Korff would love to change his history. The truth here is, Korff was being cagey about just what the S3 was. So by not supplying enough information in the early days of this ruse, people rightly assumed Korff was lying, by way of his lack of sharing information. Kalvin Korff is not a member of any kind of Security Group, not since his time as a security guard back in the '80's, a job he cites here. LINK

NOTE: We've looked into this November, 1979 claim by asking people who knew Korff before he left for the CZ in 1998 - 1999. We cannot locate a single person who ever heard or talked with Korff regarding his interest in fighting communism, international terrorism and any other claims Korff made in his article. The people interviewed include people who worked with and or associated Korff in all aspects of his life:

Family Members ~ Students ~ Teachers ~ Fellow Workers ~ Authors ~ Producers ~ Media Personalities ~ TV Producers ~ Close friends (Men and Women), etc.

Again, Korff showed zero interest in the subject(s) and he discussed and exhibited zero interest in the subject with anyone he associated with pre-1999.

Other than Korff produced material, no other printed press, or media of any kind for that matter, can be located which "broke" this story. In Korff's world, and it is his way, Kalvin loves to announced to the world that "the press" has released an article, "the press" will be interviewing me regarding this and that.

There is no press coverage of Kalvin Karlton Korff that goes beyond the local coverage he received in the Fremont, california area from the late 1970's until the 1990's.

There's been almost zero press and media coverage (not put out by Korff himself) since his brothers court case, that that amounted to a single, less than flattering article.

Here is the article in question

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