Korff Life Story ~ Kalincidence

From: Korff Kal
To: Royce J. Myers III
Sent: Friday, September 08, 2006 5:42 AM
Subject: From Kal, SAPSTOE Explanation

Dear Royce,

To answer your questions earlier, I am happy to.

First, I got my subway, so I am enjoying it...and being European, I picked up a nice fresh Czech beer in a mug with a nice foam head, and walked it back to my office where I am now enjoying both. And it's great because over here, this simple act breaks no laws.

The beer is also much better in the Czech Republic than most places.

So to make a long story short, (I will send you the first READ ME
FIRST) chapter of my new terrorism book, it explains in further detail, but as you may have suspected by now I did not exactly lead a "normal" life.

This is a matter of public record, and In have the news clippings, but logically they are not all on the internet, but as you may recall I am the "A Bomb Kid" the young bozo who designed a nuclear warhead (a doomsday device) back when I was 14. I got into trouble, especially after I entered it into our school's science fair, and one of the judges there had a degree in physics and it scared him. So Dr. Severson was called and then some feds came in and there was an investigation into how this kid could do this. I told them the truth, that I had figured it out. For me, it was a great exercise in physics. Problem was, the design was similar to a then-classified weapon called the neutron bomb. I had no idea.

So there was this investigation, they first thought that there was a leak from someone at lawrence livermore national labs, where I lived near, and my best friend's father was a physicist there and he was from Yugoslavia. There was no leak, I never even met my best friend's father!  I was also at that time lecturing on UFOs and other subjects and although I started lecturing at 13, I did it right after I met Stanton Friedman, and they thought maybe Friedman "tutored" me and I told them NO, and finaly they realize I did it myself.

So I told them, "If I can figure this stuff out, so can bad guys" and you should have seen the look on their face. They went from being white boys, to sheet white. They also didn't know HOW to handle the ramifications of this. So my stuff was taken and classified and I was told to shut up. I then basically "cut a deal" or "understanding" -- I told them that I am onto things and studying many different things that it seems to me the govt doesn't want people to know.


"I am the A-Bomb Kid"


So i developed even as a young boy a "reputation" for solving mysteries and since age 11 I realized three things about me: I devote my life to original research, finish research left incomplete by others, or look at existing issues, try to make original or valuable contributions, and then move on to the next problem to solve.

MAN made mysteries DRIVE ME NUTS and FORCE ME to try and solve or expose them. GENUINE mysteries, like trying to figure out how the universe works, are something else entirely. They are gifts from God and in my opinion evidence of His creation. I find it ironic that the Big Bang has proven a creation type origina, instead of the just the opposite. And now, because I was at the International Astronomical Union convention here in Prague and helped participate in the new definitions of a planet...it is neat to
see science accept and surrender basically to intelligent design.

So, over the next years in high school, in 9th grade after I finished my A bomb work, I spent the summer at NASA on the Viking project to land on Mars and first met Dr. Richard Haines and Dr. Andrew Grotowski there, and in 9th grade i am at JFK high school. So one day my teacher wants us to do a book report on Bless the Beasts and Children. And I told Mr. Thomas, I am sick and tired of having to read and report on the same books. Let's make a "deal" -- I will read eight books for every ONE you give in the class, and I will write reports on them. Since I had already read every book for that year, I hate wasting time and he accepted.

So one day a book on JFK comes out and I read it and I asked my teachers about it and each one gave me a different explanation how JFK was killed. That bothered me. So I ended up coauthoring a 216 page report on the murder that got the attention of the media. It also upset members of the House Assassinations Committee who was reinvestigating the murder, and I did not know this! So after the article comes out, and we have a photo of a man on the grassy knoll who should NOT be there according to the data, a few days after this story made the papers, the intercom goes off in my school. Back then, when they called your name, you were suspended. That was the POINT of them calling your name out loud to "set an example",... so I go down to the
Principal's office, ask what the problem is (again I am only a freshman in high school) and I am told there is a phone call for you.

(This is a lie, Korff was in the summer of his Sophomore year when he and Richard Kirchhofer started their JKF work, a reference to that material was then published in their Junior yearbook and Korff was called out of his Social Science class in 1980)

So I pick up the phone, and it is this guy from the HAC in Wash DC and he is just LIVID. He wants to know how I can "get away" with this and he demands my data and files and says if I don't send them in he will subpoena them! First time I learned what a subpoena was! So I sent the stuff in, weeks go by, no answer, I bug them, no answer, threaten to tell the media, THEN they send my stuff back.

They said my conclusions were wrong in this photo, yet they later concluded THE SAME THING! This upset me. Then I go to telephone the scientist who spoke to me on the phone. Turns out they NEVER heard of him. So now I am pissed. This is America. They are NOT supposed to do this to people. So I became "obsessed" with finding out why the cover up and how and all that. I eventually solved JFK's murder, and while doing so ran into all kinds of government types. By the time I was on Larry King getting kudos for it, I had already worked at Lawrence Livermore Labs on the Star Wars project, etc., so let me give you a typical example of my "understanding" with the govt.

Right after I started working fulltime at LLNL, the San Jose Mercury News calls me and says, "Kal, we haven't run a story on you in some time, what are you doing now?" The last time they ran a story was when I agreed to be a bachelor in an auction for charity, because my presence there would increase attendance, I was told. So after being in this bachelor auction where I am in this room full of literally hundreds of chicks dressed to the nines, I got so intimated that I came up to a female friend of mine and said, "I don't care how much it costs me, buy me, OUT BID everyone else!" So she did and I gave my money to charity and as far as the media knows I have this big date. So I tell the SJMN that I started working at LLNL and next thing I know it is a huge full page color story about a UFO and computer expert working on Star Wars. I was "famous" also now in computing fields because I had worked at Apple Computer on a project called HyperCard, which was the modern ancestor to the internet browser! Apple actually OWNS THE PATENT for clickable hypertext, which makes the web work! Apple does not enforce the patent. They COULD and each time a person clicked, they would have to pay Apple! Seriously! This is if they created a web page that used hypertext, they have the patent!

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Look for Korff near the end of this Apple clip which Korff edited and sent out to friends.

So I was the engineer at Apple who did this. No shit. But in my design, clickable text was not underlined, it had a ZIG ZAG shaped line under it so that it would never be "confused" with underlined text! So I laugh today that the Internet is "so smart" that it uses underlined text for links, so that if you use underlined text, you will confuse people! So they write this big article about how I will take hypertext and this new thing called multimedia "big time" into the US govt and Star Wars and the article runs and later that day I get a phone call to immediately come down to the engineering directors office.

When I walked in there, the first thing I notice is the article about me on the wall sitting behind him. I remember thinking to myself, "Oh shit!"

So he "talks" to me and he says "Kal, as long as you work here you will NOT talk to the media unless you lcear it first." So I agreed and understood, it is just that they KNEW in advance I have been in the media since I was 14 and their only worry was NOT national security (they knew I would never tell secrets) but it was UFOS!! No shit, Royce!

They said we cannot afford this subject attached to our unit. I was also aware of Robert Lazar, who worked at KMI, and since I was also bitched out baby KMI as well, this is how I know LAZAR IS FULL OF SHIT. I worked in some of those same circles, he is lying outright!

So by the time 1979 rolls around, I am getting ready to leave high school finally and Khomeini takes over Iran, and Russia invades Afghanistan, and I am invited to the World Affairs Council meeting over the event and I just lay waste to the Russian delegation visiting there (it is in the first chapter I am sending) and I got secretly involved in fighting terrorism at that point and also fighting against Communism.

As you may recall, I went undercover to Switzerland to go get Meier... what shrewd analysts noted was that the "timing" of my Meier visit was right when Russia collapsed. Well, I was there in eastern Europe to try and hel facilitate that!  So for the FIRST TIME EVER the book shows me in East Germany holding Russian "souveniers" and celebrating the fall of the USSR.

We used MACINTOSH COMPUTERS to sneak out info from the Russian White House where Yeltsin was held in, stuck, while the KGB was busy "jamming the computers" which were PCs, so their techniques didn’t work!

(taken from the Korff book, Spaceships of the Pleiades". Page 45, "During August and September 1991, I traveled undercover to Switzerland to investigate the Meier case firsthand. Accompanying me was fellow paranormal researcher Tina Layton, and employee at Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory in Berkeley, California. Tina and I were in Europe for three weeks, and we visited the Meier compound six times, officially signing there guest register twice.")

In the 1990s I was approached by an Egyptian who was married to one of the cousins of Haffez Assad in syria. They wanted to "do business" and spent lots of money on my white ass. But I noticed that each time they took me out to lunch, etc., the subject of Israel and nuclear weapons always came up. So I reported this to the FBI. We met secretly and I worked undercover to close
down sources of Hamas funding.


On several occasions, after I sold the Syrians bogus plans for an a bomb, there were attempts on my life. THIS is THE REASON I LEFT CALIFIORNIA PERMANENTLY, RESETTLED IN WASHINGTON AND WORKED AT BOEING. LINK

The killers got as far as to my front door and almost into my backyard. As I explain in the book, I got out just in time. But I will never forget the FEELING of NOT having ANY weapons to defend myself. What saved me was God's blessing.

Earlier, in another attempt to kill me, they got me on the ground, outside, in the dark, actually had the fucking machine gun pointed at my neck, I am on my knees, praying, I hear the trigger beging pulled, and the gun jams!!

So I hear this swearing, and I get up and run as fast as I can. I called 911 and we LOST these killers ONLY BECAUSE the 911 operator INSISTED I give her my name and all info first. I remember yeling hysterically at her, get officers over here now, I can still see their car, blah blah blah, but instead she is ARGUING with me over her position!

So they got away, lived to come back another time, almost got into my house this additional time, and I almost got killed.

So I was then issued a 357 magnum by the recommendation of the FBI and I got it and they never came back, but I moved anyway later "just in case".

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So a SAPSTOE stands for Special Activities Planning Strategies Tactics Operations Execution. Basically, I OWN the WHOLE widget. There are literally only a handful of "my types" walking around.

Royce, I was put into special schools and classes as a kid. I have an IQ of 219 ( a matter of public record) and in my Freshman year in high school alone (I am not exaggerating) I took seven foreign languages! I just love and am fascinated by EVERYTHING I don't know. I am recognized worldwide for being a man "who knows how to get things done".... so as the 1990s drew to a close, it was OBVIOUS to me "the Islam thing" was coming. The signs were all there as I explain in 1979 and Iran was the catalyst and it is NOT a "coincidence" that Iran has come BACK to haunt us today. DUH!

September, 2006: Kal Korff, "I do NOT believe in IQs, but I have one of 219. Ever since this was "discovered" when I was in high school, I have led a very "X Files" type life. This is WHY there is an attempt now to do a TV series based on my many secret lives. So people will claim I am a government agent, spy, etc., and YES and NO!"

So I was in Seattle when they shut it down for Millennium New year's Eve, and that was the LAST memory of my country before moving. I also write about this in the new book. I relocated to Prague BECAUSE this is the best place to be and WHERE all the action takes place. You may remember that Muhammad Atta was in Prague. I was the individual that LEAKED the story to the press because we knew that the Miniter of Interior here for the Czech Republic, Stanislav Gross, was corrupt. Gross later resigned. He resigned because of corruption AFTER he became Prime Minister here.

The largest Czech daily newspaper, Mlada Fronta Dnes, EXPOSED HIM and this was the FIRST TIME the media here in this new budding democracy, caused the resignation of a government official. I work here at Mafra.... I assue you this was NOT a "coincidence" but instead was what my friends call a "Kalincidence"... the the reason that photo of me with the Jewish prostitute appears in the new book, is because the PRESENT Minister of Interior is also corrupt, and deported the Prince of Qatar so that he would not have to face charges in this country. There is a law here that if you commit a serious crime, and the crime is also a crime in the country you are from, that
the Czech Republic can send you home as long as that country "promises" to prosecute.

So he gets sent to Qatar, and of course Qatar being Wahabbi Muslim it takes TWO women to testify in court to equal ONE man (gotta love Islam!) and he is also the Prince of Qatar, so naturally, NOTHING GETS DONE. AND THE CZECHS KNEW THIS.

So about six weeks AFTER this happens, "amazingly and coincidentally" the Minister of Interior for the first time EVER takes a luxuty vacation in Qatar!

So when my book comes out later early next year, this "issue" will come to a head. Al-Jazeera will find out they have been penetrated by my spies, and again, this stuff is no holds barred. In Secret Wars EVERYONE gets a black eye because even America is surely NOT oh so "innocent" and the FACT is, until we adddress the causes of terror, the causes of hatred, WE CANNOT WIN THIS WAR.


So I am known as a man who gets things done and seems to be able to figure things out. I HATE "manmade mysteries" because they are contrived bullshit.

So now you can probably understand WHY some people think I am a spy or whatever. No, I have spied, but have always been my own man, my own person, a free operator on the right side of causes (I hope) for the right reasons (I equally hope).

I deal with everyone from Israel to Uncle Sam and just one more example, the reason Bush is even now using the term Islamofascism is because I have been forcing this issue as part of trying to force Condoleeza's "politically correct" Dept of State to REALLY TALK TO PEOPLE, ADDRESS THE CAUSES, ETC. or  we will LOSE this war.

So in Secret Wars you see former CIA agent Scott Ritter and I in Prague. He has no idea until the book gets published, that I led him there to expose him. The image of us together talking is from a camera hidden in a flower pot. caught him lying about Saddam's weapons of mass destruction, etc.

Korff met former CIA agent Scott Ritter while Ritter was in the country for other reasons, NOT because Korff conned him into going there. Korff was writing for the Prague Post at the time and that credential allowed Korff into the same event Ritter attended. This is NOT a flower pot photo. LINK

So it is no mercy on him, Michael Moore, Noam Chomsky (unleashed an operation that exposed him as well!) and this book has been my secret project for 4.5 years and this is why I have laid low UFODumb wise, but I assure you I am "coming back" shortly.

As Santilli and others will find out, I never REALLY left, I just quit wasting time on UFOUpdates and went below radar and pulled my column out of the public and skunked things, and now I am never returning to America as far as I know, and am working on nanobot assassins, which are in the book as well. Hezbollah and Hamas will find out that unless they get us first, they are toast.

Right now I am working Iran issues, but of course it is ENTIRELY the west's fault we are in this shituation. I will soon raiSe the issue publicly that the IAC should NEVER GIVE NUCLEAR TECHNOLOGY TO COUNTRIES THAT HAVE NO HUMAN RIGHTS...DUH!!!

So here is the SHORT version of some of my past.

If you want to know anything else, just ask!

Your friend always,


Korff Life Story ~ In His Own Words