Kalvin Korff ~ Thief?

Korff made a huge mistake when he used this man and his company (Agentura ProVas, located in the CZ) and his good name to rip him off and an Apple dealer off (Cable and Simms, Mac Zone) in the CZ for iPods, laptops, etc. Korff was hired to teach English to his employees and Korff turned that around to being the CIO and CTO for his humanitarian organization.

Apparently Korff ordered Apple hardware at a store called Cable and Simms (in Prague) but sent the bill to a company called Agentura ProVas. Korff claimed to be CIO - CTO of that company but later it turned out he had no executive role whatsoever. Caught in a hot spot, Korff sent the bill to his mother, Dorothy Toone, who resides in Oregon USA, and who's address was being used by Korff as his drop off and shipping point to start his own Apple store called, Dott Joss.

This episode was discussed on Don Ecker's Show.

Korff tried to fight back by releasing two videos, which he later pulled off the web.

And below, we have another attempt to explain just what went down, using another Korff-made youtube video.

Korff tried to drag another person into this scam, Canadian Broadcaster, Rob McConnell. You can listen to an archive of Korff Klaims on the Audio Page but you can hear the scam audio right here as well.