Korff on Race

Kalvin Karlton Korff is not a racist. Nothing of any note could be found to make a case for Korff racism, well, maybe a little.... Korff has made the claim of uncovering his Jewish heritage from his Father and his Czech background from his Mother, all of which seems to have started him on his decade long and failed CZ-based International Terrorism and Consumer Fraud Fighter persona.

During this decade Korff went from having no real foundation in religion to the full on converted Jewish Korff and lover of all thing Czech that we witnessed to emerge after the year 2000. Now, after a forced relocation to India (not confirmed), Korff is now a full on converted Jewish Korff and lover of all things Indian, floating a International Investigative Journalist persona which includes a claimed Indian Princess wife.

We did find an interesting and possible confabulation regarding race and Korff's claimed first marriage and his Adjutant, Bodyguard, Lawyer pro tempore, Avim Ashkenazi.

Korff made the claim that he was married to an Armenian women in 1999 from whom he born a son with genius abilities. ~ LINK

Here Korff talks about his marriage and why it failed. Notice there is a derogatory statement made about Arabs and Armenians.

Also, here Korff makes the the admission that even though he has a massive drive for sex, matched with a solid moral compass which prevents him from having sex for fun or frustration, and that he's been alone for a very long time, he's been filling that time with busy work; the terrorism and consumer fraud persona and activities, all in the effort to take his mind off sex; busy distraction for idle hands.

The woman I married and left four months later because she forbid me from having ANY friends with ANY women, and would accuse me of cheating on her if I was one metro and 3 minutes late, was IT for me. Never again. Having been alone largely since that time and pouring my passion into the causes as an admitted escape hatch, I have been much happier. She was so arrogant she said that I would get ulcers once she was not in my life. I have had NONE since. She "loves" me so much she either wants me dead because I am not with her, or wants me with her. Typical Arab MENTALity. But that's an Armenian it was MY mistake. I can be with ANY reasonable person and love any reasonable person. She was not reasonable.

Korff makes the claim that his claimed first wife was an Armenian. Now follow the bouncing Korff Ball. Korff also makes the claim that his Adjutant - Bodyguard - and Lawyer Pro Temp is Armenian as well.

Avim and Martina Tycova

Here's a Korff message to a youtuber regarding Avim.

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Of course, this "Avim" could be a real guy, with Armenian heritage, etc. However, given Korff's behaviour we could rightly assume that either "Avim" is not Armenian, or even real, or Korff's claimed first wife was not Armenian, or real, etc. Who knows? Assumption must come into play when researching Kalvin Karlton Korff. Some we get wrong, many we get right.

Korff makes the claim to speak "several" languages. As we've laid out on the web site, Korff can not speak, with any basic ability, any other language than English. You will find ZERO video of Korff which allow you to hear Korff speak any language other than English. Korff German language Claim ~ LINK

Korff also makes the claim, again, that he some kind of musicain, composer and arranger. This is not true in the grand scheme of things. Korff has used the Apple software, Garage Band, to "produce" some of the background music to a few of his you tube videos. He even sent out one song to people, claiming that a CD-Rom and concert we're going to happen soon. Nothing happened. ~ LINK ~ Composer Claim ~ LINK