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Kalvin Karlton Korff has been using the internet has his main tool to disseminate his kind of crazy since 1995. We present to you a span of material, from the late '90's to 2011, which illustrates the claims, broken promises and out right lies that Korff has been claiming and telling for decades.

This material was found using the Wayback Machine. We cleaned the material up so you can more easily inspect it. The links were dead and many of the images are now gone. We've also edited a bit of the information because without that supporting material there was little reason to include every word and every letter.

Also, we didn't take the time to refute every single lie or confabulation presented on these archived web pages. Why bother, we've already done that to death on this site.

We present this information as THE prime example of the time and effort Korff put into supporting the patently fake persona of a man fighting communism, international terrorism and consumer fraud. All that you need to know is that nary a single threat of anyone being served anything or anyone being sued in any way, every took place over these 2 decades of deception.

Zero people served, Zero people sued.

Here's a smattering of the earliest material we could find.


Korff has changed the date of Copyright many times. Here's a brief example.


This is the apartment where Korff lived before he moved to the CZ in 2000.

March 2000

This is a lie. People checked on this, called
the paper and talked to the people in charge.

March 2000

This is a lie. Korff did send a "song" he "produced" to a few people. Korff used a keyboard of some sort and the Apple, Garage Band software, . He also makes the claim to write and produce some of the music he uses his his you tube videos. LINK

March 2000

No cinformation of this claim.
May 2000

May 2002

The book Korff is referring to here is the Greg Long book: The Making of Bigfoot. Korff did write the forward, but claims to have been much more involved. LINK
The Cold War Documentary never saw the light of day.
May 2002

September 2002

Notice Korff makes the claim to be a TV Producer and Director of Documentaries. No proof can be found to support these claims.

December 2003

Another failed attempt to re-launch Korff's web site.

A December 2006 Threat to Sue Santilii and Horn

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8
Part 9
Never happened.
Part 10
Never happened.

A 2007 UFO Watchdog Threat to Audit The Site

Never happened.
Never happened.