Kal Korff on sex and his sexual needs....

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From: "Kal Korff" [kalkorff@kalkorff.com]
Date: 03/11/2010 09:45 PM
To: "Tina"
Subject: Poking you back :-)

Well, I certainly love sex of course. I'm not being egotistical, but I know I am also very good at it, since I understand the physics (it's always ultimately physics) and also the emotions of it, thanks to being a Pisces I guess. :-) I have ALWAYS had a very high sex drive, and no problems, which is why it was ironic we ended up with the dysfunctional problem in our simulated marriage. You may or may not know this, but after we were given this problem, I went to Mr. Cavgelia and begged him to change it, since I could not relate to it and I felt it would interfere with being able to "handle" it for the exercise in class, and he just laughed and told me I should consider it to be a challenge, so I rolled with it. So there were two dynamics, you and this "problem" and I thought, OK, God's in a humorous mood, even if I had the problem, it would be cured if I was really with you, so I ended up having fun with it.

Since I did have a girlfriend at the time, she was in college and was a year older, she laughed her ass off.

I had lost my virginity to her, she was spoiled sexually. I am just sharing facts here, and I don't kiss and tell as a rule, but I gave her 26 orgasms one time in 44 minutes, I remember this because the clock was the only thing glowing in the room, and it was crazy because her Mom was in the other room sleeping, so we were stealthing it :-)

It was then that I realized that women really are multi-orgasmic whereas men are not so much.

I have had a couple of girlfriends who kept me around just for the sex, I was hurt over that. Then I had some others "get interested" because they heard from their friends and I didn't know women were this way. So when I found out I dropped them. It's like, hey, I have a brain and mind too, wtf?

I don't sleep around, not a slut, don't believe in the putting the notches on the belt. Unless it is only a (the term Czechs use here) a fuck buddy thing, I have to have feelings before being intimate.

I do NOT cheat on a person and believe in fidelity. I think it is better to end a relationship than to cheat and hurt a person. I can't relate to men and how they approach sex. They have NO idea how a woman is wired, and most of them can't even give oral sex right, and this was confirmed in my interviews with thousands of women. I could get very specific, but that's another email :-))

As you may know, because you know me, when I am into something I am REALLY into it, all the way and gotta know everything, and studying human sexuality has been one of my main interests as well as the mechanics and history of sex. One of my favorite books is The History of the Orgasm and it is just a great historic insight into how evolution in this area socially and throughout great civilizations has evolved and changed.

Ok, sending so you get it. As far as frequency goes, I believe that when the woman wants it, you give it. And I could have it a few times a day no problem, but of course I don't. Haven't been intimate with anyone in over a year, and while sex is everywhere here and there's no Christian influence here to hold people back, I refuse to be a heathen, and that's hard because the women over here are very exotic because they come from all over the planet and there are amazing mixtures one never thought possible and most Czech men would rather be with their beers than partners, and so over here American men are very much in demand.

Which tells me as an American to be careful :-))