Korff email to Tina. Unedited, format not changed. Crazy, completly.

9/6/2010 1:58:36 PM

Kal: YHWH should ALWAYS be your first source of strength. We are all human, and srength comes from within as you know. Being strong means never having to feel like you need to "defend" yourself because you do not. It also means not attacking someone who i strying to say that you should face and defeat things for your own good. Relationships should have strength among the individual parties, JOINT strength as in the sum greater than the parts, when two are together and in sync. I cannot be with anyone anymore who is high maintenance nor insecure. Please take this the RIGHT way, because this is NOT a remark directed at you, just letting you know. I tell ALL my women this :) WHY? Because in the past I always went for women who needed help or "fixing" and had the stupid white knight syndrome. Never again. The woman I married and left four months later because she forbid me from having ANY friends with ANY women, and would accuse me of cheating on her if I was one metro and 3 minutes late, was IT for me. Never again. Having been alone largely since that time and pouring my passion into the causes as an admitted escape hatch, I have been much happier. She was so arrogant she said that I would get ulcers once she was not in my life. I have had NONE since. She "loves" me so much she either wants me dead because I am not with her, or wants me with her. Typical Arab MENTALity. But that's an Armenian it was MY mistake. I can be with ANY reasonable person and love any reasonable person. She was not reasonable. I will not be online for long, I am due to leave at the end of this month, CIA or whatever stopping me, I wil be going to Germany and then from there will know how I am getting over to Afghanistan, I was already told it will be via a round about tourte to guarantee that if I have any more shadows, I can lose or misdirect them or my back up will take care of them. I have zero idea how I can possibly get all of this done by the end of the month, I do not think it is possible but I will try. Crazy time, NEVER again.