Korff Komposer

Kalvin Karlton Korff has made the claim since the mid 2000's that he was some kind of composer and a arranger of music. Korff went so far as to send a "classical" sounding song out to a few people as proof. We've lost the .MP3 but if memory serves it was nothing to crow about.

In any event, Korff makes this claim on his web site in 2000, with this announcement which or course, never came to fruition.

Korff has claimed to have composed and arranged some of the music in a few of his you tube videos. We present them here in the hopes that someone might know if these are indeed Korff compositions or if these came with "Garage Band" as part of that software package, etc.

2/2/2008 - Kal's Korner - Episode 2 ~ Cannon Ball 8000
2/3/2008 - Kal's Korner - Expres Dinners Episode
2/8/2008 - What Is It - Episode 1

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Korff may have played an instrument while he was a child. Certainly Korff NEVER played any instruments in High School, as we can prove by inspecting his yearbooks. He might have played and instrument and took lessons away from school but that is not confirmed by this web site, or by Korff himself.