Korff Klothes

KAL Korff dresses like a slob. Korff dresses much in the same way that he dressed as a child. When Korff goes out in public, Korff doesn't seem to understand the impact that the clothes have on the public.

Here we present more proof that KAL Korff is an ignorant Man-Child and more to the point, would you invite this man into your house or to speak at your event. Clothes really do make the man, in Korff's case thrift store t-shirts and jeans do the trick.

What did Korff dress like as a child?

When Korff accepted an award for a newspaper he wrote for and their soccer team placed second in a competition, Korff decided to attend the gala wearing this second hand outfit.

Korff floated this photo as proof of a milestone in his life
(this a lie). Look at what he decided to wear to this event.

Korff claims he was invited to give a speech at an IAU Conference in 2006 (this is a lie). Korff gained entrance into the "open to the public" conference using his reporter credentials from the Prague Post. Now look at what he wears to the event as a member of the press.

Even when Korff was invited into the home of a private resident of the CZ, Korff choose to wear the same shabby clothes!

When not wearing shabby second hand clothes, Korff wears his military garb to help support the lie that he is a Colonel in a private counter-terrorism organization (lie).

Why are we presenting this Korff Klothes material? Korff positions himself as some kind of world renown counter-terrorism, consumer fraud advocate; respected, and traveling the world helping the world as a free-lance agent. Now look at how he presents himself to the world and to the media (what media!?!). Clothes matter. KAL Korff does not.

Why does KAL Korff dress in this manner? Because KAL Korff doesn't know any better and KAL Korff cannot afford to dress any better. Just like he can't afford to pay for his own web site space. LINK What happened to your $25 million KAL? LINK

What the Hell! LINK