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I'm a complicated guy...
How do you finance your research?
"I am a Colonel!"
"Korff speaks for Korff!"
"My thesis is truth!"
"I have an IQ of 219!"
"Don Ecker used to like me."
"I do more than you!"
"Am I Gay?"
July, 2006: Yes, I fight against terrorism, but in my opinion every responsible citizen does or should. I have a book coming up about it and yes, I tipped off the FBI and whomever was right about impending attacks years ago, when no one took it seriously. I am also the person who leaked the info from here to the media that Atta was here in Prague. Lots of intrigues and things going on these past six years, and I am just going to let it out and "critics" can deal with it.
July, 2006:  Martina is "the real deal" and just happens to be a Czech super model. She is a producer with Hollywood experience, produced with me for National Geographic.
July, 2006: I never plan to return to the USA, unless I am drafted into public service there. I am committed to humanitarian causes, and live behind the former Iron Curtain countries here to try and make a difference, to help them get to where they need to be but not to blindly copy the wrong parts of the west.
August, 2006: I am in fact one of the original Roswell researchers.

August, 2006: I was the only person present in 1980 when I confronted Friedman over the uncropped Roswell photos. Moore had given them to me. Friedman did not even have copies. I told Friedman point blank, this is not and CANNOT be from an ET craft. He said he AGREED, and I said, OK, how do you explain the fact that Marcel and everyone says that these PHOTOS SHOW THE ACTUAL ROSWELL DEBRIS?

And Friedman looked at me, and I will never forget the look in his eyes which I remember especially through his owlish glasses he wore at that time... He was at a loss for words and to rationalize all of this, he simply said "The must have been a debris switch."

August, 2006: Regarding my "reputation" -- I really DO NOT CARE what "UFOlogy" thinks of me.

August, 2006: Kal Korff Investigative Journalist" one of my official accreditations here through the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
September, 2006: I do NOT believe in IQs, but I have one of 219. Ever since this was "discovered" when I was in high school, I have led a very "X Files" type life. This is WHY there is an attempt now to do a TV series based on my many secret lives. So people will claim I am a government agent, spy, etc., and YES and NO!
September, 2006: I am the guy, you may recall, that invented the atomic bomb design when I was in high school (the A Bomb Kid). I got into lots of trouble and have led a double life all of these years. I am known in government circles as someone who "knows how to get things done, don't fuck with this guy" and I have had this "understanding" with Uncle Sam ever since they yanked me out of high school when I was getting ready to blow open the JFK assassination, and I am THE INDIVIDUAL behind the current and long overdue Bush administration use of the term Islamofascist and Islamofasicsm that FINALLY our government is starting to use.
September, 2006: PLEASE don't HATE ME for this, but ever since 1991 the US govt has basically "left me alone" and I DON'T EVEN NEED TO FILE ANY INCOME TAXES! I HAVE NOT SINCE 1991 AND THEY ARE "OK" WITH THIS!!
September, 2006: Just so you know, I AM THE DIRECTOR of a project called Body Human which uses Nanobots to prolong life and dispense medicine, and of course from the viewpoint of the Mossad and CIA, nanobot assassins can be made to target specific DNA types, like specific terrorists. One man's medical cure is another man's killer. This is WHY I could and said I would put some nanobots in Santilli's office. It is LEGAL and he CAN'T DO SHIT ...other than "worry" for the rest of his life, and that is FINE by me!! :-)
September, 2006: I will NOT put any nanobots into Santilli's office unless there is a REAL need for a "show of force".
September 2006: Booze doesn't really affect me, and the Czechs over here don't understand it, since they drink far more and many get drunk. I have never been drunk.
September, 2006: SAPSTOE stands for Special Activities Planning Strategies Tactics Operations Execution. I am blessed in that when I do these things, I always get the full 100% or can choose which area of this acronym I wish to "play" in on a case by case basis.
October, 2006: I assure you I AM suing Michael Horn, as far as I am concerned he is a martial con artist.
January 2007: And I now have a 500 BOOK DEAL with many entities. News will be formally published next week and sent abroad, I guess I just made Guinness. :-)
2007 ~ Kal Korff, "In order to live, you must first give. In order to receive, you must give. You must always put other people first, and look to always serve the greater good of the world community," explains Kal Korff and why it is that he serves the public with such zeal. "If you have a gift that allows you to communicate, to analyze and expose truths, to try and help people understand things, then you MUST make a point to use such gifts. They were not given to you to ignore or waste away." Korff has raised millions of dollars for charities and supports numerous private researchers on dozens of original research and development projects.

Introducing NEW Revolutionary Video Editing Software

April 10th, 2007 by Martina Tycova

Kal Korff will announce on The X Zone Radio Show with Rob McConnell, the impending release very shortly of some revolutionary software that has been in literal secret development for six years.

“I am honored to have on with me on the show tonight, on Rob McConnell’s XZone Radio Show, our surprise mystery guest. He is one of the key inventors of this revolutionary software which will be out shortly, and he will also confirm that I am a Captain in S3.”

Videoglue.com ~ Neil Research Parent Company ~ Our Research into this claim ~ LINK

May 2007: Randle caused his own audit by KPMG, I have nothing to do with it. My own material will also be audited by KPMG, but unlike Randle I am not worried. Also, more independent analysts are also nailing Randle ...again, I have nothing to do with this. Lastly some reporters Randle was caught lying to intend to expose him. Again, that's on Randle, not me.

Another trick Korff liked to pull (before outright impersonating lawyers) was to use one e-mail address "a universal email address" Korff's address, as the single e-mail address his entire "organization" uses. Korff would "allow" Martina and Avim to use his (and only his) email address, seemingly not realizing that this was a very transparent and stupid move.

Here Korff introduces Avim and he states this, regarding contacting his new Adjunct:

June 10, 2007, Kal Korff: "I encourage people to ask away, just contact Avim at our one and only universal email address."

Kal Korff, author of the all time bestselling Roswell expose book The Roswell UFO Crash: What They Don't Want You to Know, will release in honor of the 60th anniversary of the historic Roswell UFO crash of 1947 an unprecedented NINE NEW BOOKS about Roswell, -- totaling some 3,500 pages! 

Monday, 01 October 2007

UFO WatchCat has published their first eleven expose points concerning Roswell "UFO crash" huckster Dr. Kevin Randle's "research." According to UFO WatchCat, they'll be publishing over 1,000 more!

November 13, 2007: Tomorrow at 1PM, I am SPEAKING TO THE MEDIA ABOUT GEIGER. This will be on the BBC and covered in France to start with. I am participating in a roundtable panel of experts on the Missile Defense system plans over here, since I was a Senior Systems Analyst, Level III, with a clearance, at Lawrence Livermore National Labs.
On November 29th:  I am on a worldwide TV broadcast from the BBC concerning experts on Missile Defense or Star Wars. As you know such a system is being set up in the former Czechoslovakia where I live. You CANNOT deny that the FACT I am on this panel and was INVITED UNSOLICITED is YET MORE HARD EVIDENCE THAT I AM WHO I CLAIM TO BE. Shall I have the BBC call you as well?
"Naturally, I WANT my enemies to take me "not seriously".
" I remind everyone I AM a SAPSTOE and the fact none of you seem to know what this means will remain a liability to you until you start to factor it into everything I do. IF you do, or when you do, you won't be so "surprised." You'll say instead, like they did today at the Embassy where two new contacts and liaisons had to be briefed, "Wow, I had no idea, but that sounds like something Korff would do."
"I just called the US Embassy about 30 minutes ago. They told me the story today and what I wrote about our meeting yesterday, where I visited them as a beyond 100% bona fide Captain, "gave them goose bumps." They not only are blown away, pleasantly, but as they told me yesterday when they saw the previews of the Meier books, where I showed them Scott Ritter, and the nuclear components from Iraq, etc., IMAGINE THIS... We went over ALL this stuff." Image
"AS WE GO PUBLIC, THE US GOVT EMBASSY REPS WILL STEP FORWARD, and we ARE on our way to achieving things that destroy the UFO "field" as we have "known it" since 1947."
"...the US government wanted to know about the latest activities of Kal Korff."
" I remind everyone, that I am the only person with a 500 book deal...When Secret Wars airs, you will see me go undercover and root out very sexy agents who are honey traps... " Image

" It shows me with CIA agent Scot Ritter. I assume you remember who he is. :-)

We are here in Prague, and I get to "break the news" to him that not only have nuclear centrifuges been found, but that he was lied to and fooled by some key Iraqi scientists. I then showed him images I obtained of these components, which WERE part of Saddam's WMD secret labs we knew NOTHING about, and the CIA screamed and wanted these classified.

However, I got the images BEFORE the CIA did in Bagdad and classified them, and they are NOT the same images. So I WILL publish them, and to PROVE it, I published one image months ago along with the info that Ritter was yet another target of one of my ops, and I had to stop his lies cold in Prague, and I did.

Both CIA and US Govt. were "thankful" but of course, I was not officially "ordered" to do it. They did not need to give me that order, Royce, I am Kal Korff. Ritter doesn't even know I helped lure him to Prague under the guise of paying him to come give a lecture. " ~ Image