Korff Host 2012

Kalvin Korff has been pretty quiet on Facebook during the last months of 2011 and the first months of 2012. From time to time Korff will tell people that he's posted another dozen articles on scribd.com, "many of which have been printed in the newspaper!".

Korff did post a very interesting announcement regarding some kind of debate which he would be hosting at "the university". As always, the name of the university was never released and the event itself was expanded from it's initial format and of course, it was a great success.

There's no need to elaborate any further other than to state the obvious. After these announcements were made (February 3 and 4, 2012) nothing more was said (until 2-26-2012, posted below), no names or locations were ever released, no photo of Korff signing the "memo of understanding" was ever released, and the claimed video (frame grabs, or just a little taste) was ever released.

February 26, 2012

Korff read the Kal is an Idiot blog and he saw a post regarding our research into the claim that he was invited or "agreed" to give a speech at the 2006 IAU Con. We've proven that he wasn't invited to give a speech at any IAU event. This was a open to the public affair and Korff attended in that capacity and as a member of the media (The Prague Post). You can read the truth here LINK

March 3, 2012

An update from the Village Idiot. Notice Korff doesn't name the college, he doesn't post any photos, video, etc. Did Korff appear at a college? Sure, why not. More to the point, why won't Korff share the information with his Facebook friends? Because Korff knows that Korffers will contact the college and ask for confirmation.

March 3, 2012

Korff attempts to change his history again. Notice Korff informed his Facebook friends that many of the videos on his Youtrube channel are "rehearsals". This is a lie. The proof? Do a search of Kal Korff regarding ANY news coverage over the last decade; newspapers, magazines, internet. You will find none.

The video's Korff is referring to are not "rehearsals", they are "interviews" recorded in a room, by himself and then past off as the real thing.


Lastly, popular to Korff is a viewer ship of approximately 100 views PER YEAR over a 3 year period.

The life of Kalvin Korff. Secret delusions.