Korff Exceptionalisum

Kalvin Karlton Korff, why do you
behave the way you behave?

A presumable assumption can be made based on Korff's adult behaviour; Kalvin has zero social skills. He cannot "size up the room", intuitively read a person, situation, or a conversation, and then gauge what may or may not be the proper behaviour in a given situation.

Korff can be pleasant, when it's on his own terms and when he is in control of his environment. But put Kalvin is a situation which demands loose and light weight small talk, kicking around fun ideas, just hanging out, or communicating in a team environment and Kalvin ultimately fails.

Then it comes as no surprise why Kalvin, a man with a good sporting build and muscle mass, has never played in team (or solo) sports, and his marginally successful attempts at public speaking, writing books and articles, working with computers and working in the phone-based customer service industry for many years, have been mostly solitary activities.

Korff cannot control the public environment well enough to ensure outright success "every time" (a must for Kalvin), or at minimum, come away from the exchange feeling like he's won the "debate". Kalvin is more apt to attack his opponent with an overbearing and over long verbal, written, or video monologue; thrashing at his opponent, with little regard if he's right or wrong.

Right and wrong bare little importance to Kalvin. Reinforcing his personal and professional entitlements which are owed to him is the goal.

Kalvin's private life also speaks to this behaviour. Kalvin claims he was married in 1999 and that he had a son with genius ability. The claim of marriage might be true, the claim of a genius son has been proven a lie. More to the point, just a son wasn't good enough for a Korff, it would have to be a genius son or no son at all.

After that marriage ended in a divorce a few years later, Korff once again latched onto any woman that showed any interest in his ever changing and ever increasing interests. As can be proven, Kalvin makes it his "modus operandi" to invite women into his life and smoother her with his projects, his plans and his schemes.

Together they work on these Korff projects and bask in any mutual success (many of those based on Kalvin's confabulations), Kalvin then fakes humility in public deferring it all to the woman, hoping for more sex and more attention from his public for being such a chivalrous and caring man.

To date, Kalvin has been with very few woman. The young woman he lost his virginity to in 1980 was Sarah; a freshman in college while Kalvin was a senior in high school. Sadly, Sarah cheated on Kalvin ending his first sexual relationship. Given Kalvin's history with woman and his narcissistic and fantasizing tendencies, Kalvin's astounding claims regarding Sarah and about women in general, come as no real surprise.

Is it any wonder why Korff has been alone for the majority of his life, and has been living far away from his family, in counties that his only real connection to are those connections he's made up in his mind and on the internet.

But why behave like this?

A clear case can be made for Kalvin holding onto his high school successes and failures with a vigorous attachment, and then carrying over these experiences to his adult life; experiences augmented with confabulations and outright lies to inflate them and his minor celebrity to heights only Kalvin can claim from his lofty perch.

The adult Kalvin Korff has no tools to filter, qualify or quantify his childhood and childish experiences; no tools to weigh them with a pragmatic balance, through the mind and maturity of a fully socialized adult.

We are now presented with an adult Kalvin Karlton Korff which we can rightly identify as "The Korff Man-Child."

The claims and achievements of Kalvin the child fully mirror the claims and achievements of Kalvin the adult. Kalvin was involved and showed some promise in; science, computer science, public speaking, writing and reporting for the school newspaper, publishing a pamphlet on UFO's, researching things like UFO's and the JFK assassination, learning the German language, all of which are covered in his high school yearbooks.

Korff enjoyed minor celebrity in high school because of his UFO lectures, his JFK report and his 8th Grade A Bomb project; getting coverage in newspapers, magazines, radio and television. Those heady times coupled with the life changing episode of having sex with the older woman Sarah (and making sure everyone in school knew about it), put Kalvin in the spotlight and on a path which he would attempt to walk to his rightful destiny, no matter what type of behaviour it to took to get him there and to keep him there.

So now we witness the Korff Man-Child; banging about the internet, doing whatever he can do to build upon the small shore break of success he rode through high school, as he attempts to build that small wave of minor celebrity and expand it to the size of a tidal wave, replete with media attention, the money and the women.

Witness the Korff Man-Child, awash in accolades and revered with scholarly reverence, as he rides his celebrity wave into history to join the greats he wishes to emulate; Steve Jobs being highest on that list... not.

A lofty goal, and one that could have been archived with a behavioural foundation built upon truth and integrity. Sadly, Korff could not ride his wave of minor celerity out of the 1990's. Only a life of chicanery was to follow him into adulthood.

One more very important part of this Korff behaviour missive would have to be Korff's professed massive sex drive and the failure of his first claimed marriage.

Here Korff makes the the admission that even though he has a massive drive for sex, matched with a solid moral compass which prevents him from having sex for fun, and that he's been alone for a very long time, he's been filling that time with busy work; the terrorism and consumer fraud persona and activities, all in the effort to take his mind of sex; busy distraction for idle hands.

The woman I married and left four months later because she forbid me from having ANY friends with ANY women, and would accuse me of cheating on her if I was one metro and 3 minutes late, was IT for me. Never again. Having been alone largely since that time and pouring my passion into the causes as an admitted escape hatch, I have been much happier. She was so arrogant she said that I would get ulcers once she was not in my life. I have had NONE since. She "loves" me so much she either wants me dead because I am not with her, or wants me with her. Typical Arab MENTALity. But that's an Armenian it was MY mistake. I can be with ANY reasonable person and love any reasonable person. She was not reasonable.

This missive was written by a person with no education in psychology. My "audit" of Kalvin Karlton Korff is based on 5 years of researching and monitoring his behaviour.

I might be wrong, I might be a little right, that's for you and others to decide.

Korffing is fun.