Teenage Dreamer

Junior High School ~ 1975 to 1976 ~ 7 and 8 Grades
George M. Walters Jr High - Fremont, California

Most 7th and 8th graders are not yet distinguished from the rest of the pack. To be sure, you will have your students who excel as athletes, "mathletes", etc., but for the most part, these fledgling adults are just starting to "find themselves" and sort things out before they enter the scary life of a high school student. Of course this wasn't the case for Kalvin Korff, or so he claims.

The events of 1975 and 1976 would be Korff's first taste of minor celebrity and these experiences would forever change Korff's personality and behaviour. Korff would never present himself as a commoner, or as "one of them", from this point on.

For the rest of his life, Korff would confabulate and fantasize to whatever degree it took to separate himself from the pack.

To this end, we now discuss the Korff claim which started off the entire Korff pubic persona change game:

Kalvin Korff ~ Atomic Bomb Designer.

On April 29, 1976 (Korff was a 14-year-old 8th grader at this time), Korff participated in a science fair which was held at Walters School.

Korff entered two projects: One project concerned UFOs (that project placed 3rd), the other project was a drawing or plan of a nuclear bomb (warhead or doomsday machine), which Korff claims was a "technically accurate" design. Korff claims that this project won a 1st place ribbon and it took the over-all winners prize the competition as well.

In response to the question, "Is it really true that you designed a nuclear bomb when you were a young boy?" Korff responds:

"It's not true that I designed a nuclear bomb when I was a young boy. I didn't have the raw materials and I wouldn't do that. What I did do is design a nuclear bomb design, engineering-wise, so to speak, and I entered that into a science fair. After the fair, I was investigated because there was a concern that there might have been a leak at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, because it was nearby and I had friends who worked there. I later worked at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. I am the youngest person to design a technically accurate war head design, a doomsday device if you will. I won the award and the device was promptly confiscated for obvious reasons."

You can find a video about this claim on our KIAI Youtube Channel, Korff tells the story and even offers up the opportunity to have the ribbon "dated" to prove it's age, if you pay for the test.

Let's break down the language.

*Korff states that he didn't design a bomb, he designed a nuclear bomb design. So Korff did design a nuclear bomb, what he didn't do was build one. Interesting choice of words.

* Korff goes on to state that after the fair "they" took his design because "they" feared that there might have been a leak at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. Korff then claims friendships with adults working at the lab and the fear was that "they" might have shared with Korff (a 14 year old boy), information giving him the necessary "tools" which allowed him to design the nuclear bomb.

Nice story, you do the math.

* Did Korff work at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory on the Star Wars Project with Level III Clearance?

Research and text taken from the Kult of Kal Blog. LINK

I believe Kal now. I've heard from one of Kal's former colleagues at LLNL. Speaking on the condition of anonymity, this person worked with or above Kal at LLNL (Lawrence Livermore Natl Laboratory) and verified Kal's employment, including some decent details.

My source verified 2 facts:

  1. Kal did indeed work at LLNL, for a period between 2-4 years.
  2. Kal's work was not related to the Star Wars program, not even remotely. Instead, Kal's work was remedial system support, namely on a subset of LLNL's Macintosh computers.

Even more detailed, Kal was not a full-time LLNL employee, but rather via a contractor, through Kirk Mayer Inc (KMI). The rent-a-tech department he worked in was called Small Systems Support (SSS), later called the Distributed Computer Support Program (DCSP).

Also, I understand from this source (sounds like someone who was in a superior position to Kal) that Kal's performance was subpar, all the while he was a boastful (direct quote: "he did not contribute to anything but his ego")

Another quote from the source: "He certainly did not support anything related to the science that goes on there." So, for Kal to say he was involved with Star Wars is the same as any person crossing the street was involved with a car accident a mile away. Kal was in the same city, but not the same team.

Again, although he was bad at it, here's one more source saying Kal did legitimately work at LLNL. More importantly in the quest for truth, all of Kal's innuendos that he had any contribution to the Star Wars program are completely empty. Kal's work at LLNL was simply Macintosh computer support.

* Is Kalvin Korff the youngest person to ever design a technically accurate war head?

Boy, you'd think that something of this importance would eventually make it to the Internet but nothing can be found on the web regarding Korff's A-Bomb Kid claims.

We do have a 2006 story regarding a 17-year-old doing something even more note worthy. LINK

And here's another kid doing something just as note worthy as Korff claims. LINK

Korff has stated that he has never used the term "A Bomb Kid" when describing himself or this episode. We've found that he was lying about that claim. Of course, people at his school might have called him the A-Bomb Kid, but that's not what Korff claimed.

Here's an example of Korff "not" saying he's the A-Bomb Kid

Septemeber 8, 2006, In a e-mail to Royce Meyers III: "This is a matter of public record, and I have the news clippings, but logically they are not all on the internet, but as you may recall I am the "A Bomb Kid" the young bozo who designed a nuclear warhead (a doomsday device) back when I was 14."

November 9, 2007: "Since I have a very strong background in this area and even designed a nuclear warhead which was technically accurate and I became the youngest person to ever do so, the so called "A-Bomb" kid."

Here's the guy we think Kalvin based his claim on. Very similar story and time period. We present the Real A Bomb Kid ~ LINK

Korff's Life Story in his own Words

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