Teenage Dreamer

Senior Year ~ 1980
John F. Kennedy High School - Fremont, California

As we've seen, Korff's academic history mirrors his adult behaviour and in fact that academic history laid the foundation for Korff's adult life of chicanery. From his middle school days as an A-Bomb designer through his high school years as a researcher bon vivant, Korff's successes have been modified and confabulated to a great degree to further along his adult hopes, dreams and fantasies.

Korff's social failures that he experienced in school and as a young "adult" warped his behaviour, turning him into the delusional adult who first appeared in the mid 1990's.

Korff's senior year is his last year of formal education. Anyone who has been paying attention will realize that Korff has read material on a variety of subjects. Generally that is a very good thing to do, however in Korff's case he has a dubious habit of floating that "extra" bit of self-education into his ever changing persona's and titles. As you will see here, that habit to confabulate and to try and use titles to rise himself above all others is on exhibition and in its full glory.

Witness the birth of the
Korff Man-Child.

In 1980, we find Korff in the school newspaper club again and we find him receiving some honours for public speech. No listing for Korff could be found in any sports, music, drama or any other extracurricular activites.

Let's start here... Korff makes a startling claim regarding his transition from his Junior year to his Senior year.

Notice Korff's Senior photos and text below. Nothing school related is presented, it's all Korff centric. In fact if Korff would have tried to keep the text focused on school related subjects and education prospects for the future, he would have very little to present. Even his claimed 4 years of German didn't make the cut.

Larger Image ~ LINK

Read this for more "Korff proof" of this November, 1979 claim. LINK

Korff claims that he graduated early and only came back at the end of the school year in 1980 to participate in the senior graduation ceremony. On it's surface this claim makes sense as many students graduated early by taking summer school courses, college prep course, etc. Rumour (not confirmed) has it that Korff had the credits needed to graduate before graduation, gained through his journalism activities, etc.

Nonetheless, Korff has a problem with this claim. Korff's participation in the school newspaper, that he posed for his honours photo and the fact that a few of his former classmates have gone on record to state that Korff attended classes with them, Mr. Cavgelia's Social Studies, as an example, cast doubt on this claim.

Korff was in a marriage simulation class in Mr. Cavgelia's Social Science class in 1980 with a student named Tina. They "got married" and then "divorced" in this class. So, how did Korff participate in this simulation if he was already away taking college course and secretly fighting communism and international terrorism?

Korff Confirmation ~ An e-mail to Tina regarding the simulated marriage exercise:

"... which is why it was ironic we ended up with the dysfunctional problem in our simulated marriage. You may or may not know this, but after we were given this problem, I went to Mr. Cavgelia (Korff's Social Science teacher in 1980) and begged him to change it, since I could not relate to it and I felt it would interfere with being able to "handle" it for the exercise in class, and he just laughed and told me I should consider it to be a challenge, so I rolled with it."

Full e-mail ~ Korff Sex LINK

More proof: What did Korff write in Tina's yearbook in 1980?

NOTE: Korff wrote this text in Tina's yearbook, while he and Tina and the yearbook were PHYSICALLY AT THE SCHOOL at the same time, on June 9, 1980. See the scan LINK. Read the fuzzy text LINK.

Still more proof: After Korff and Kirchhofer released their JFK research in the the summer of 1978 (Korff's Sophmore year) and then that material was published in the 1979 yearbook (Korff's Junior year LINK), Korff claims that he was pulled out of Mr. Cavgelia's Social Science class, by a phone call from "people".

Problem: Korff did not take Mr. Cavgelia's Social Science class in 1979. We have the testimony of others and a clear time-line of events and activities recorded by the '79 and '80 yearbooks that prove Korff was in Mr. Cavgelia's Social Science class in 1980, and ultimately still enrolled in school in 1980. Absolutely, positively proven, beyond any doubt.

Even more proof: It is standard operating procedure at any public American high school that once you've graduated, you are not allowed to attend class for any academic reason. You're done, your out, and it's time to move onto your adult life. Of course you can participate in the graduation ceremony the following year but you absolutely cannot attend classes as a graduated student as Korff claims.

One way this scenario could work for Korff is if he came back as a volunteer or paid TA (Teachers Assistant). After checking with students and the facility at the school this was not the case.

The only other way this claim can work is if Korff attended school in his final year under a limited schedule; half day, etc. This is very common and it would allow the student to attend classes in their scaled down schedule, after which they might be working, going to college prep courses, etc.

Of course, Korff didn't float this claim like that. No, he clearly states that he gradated a year early. The documentation we provide here proves that Korff is lying and confabulating once again.

Another interesting high school success is this little blurb we found in Korff's senior yearbook. As we have laid out, Korff was active in Ufology, newspapers, photography and paranormal research throughout his high school years. One area that wasn't covered was philanthropy. Why do we care you might ask? In 2010 Korff floated scam called "iPads for Peace". Using the name priyamitra and a slim web site to further scam along. Imagine our surprise to find this image in his senior yearbook.

2007 ~ Korff Claim made on his web site: Korff has raised millions of dollars for charities and supports numerous private researchers on dozens of original research and development projects.

Here's another claim LINK made by Korff from 2000 regarding his "habit" to give away everything he produces for the betterment of mankind. There is zero proof of these claims, on the contrary, we have proof of just the opposite behaviour. LINK

No explanation or photos accompany this image. But we really don't need one. Korff claims to have been giving lectures to people regarding UFO's since the age of 13.

NOTE: His senior photo text reads that he had already lectured to 240,000 people by 1980... so, 240,000 divided by 6 years equals; 40,000 people per year. Wow! You're average UFO conference might have 300 people or so... 40,000 divided by 300 equals; 130 odd speaking engagements a year. Double wow!

NOTE: His Billy Meier pamphlet was still a year off from being released. By the way, we found this .PDF here ~ LINK

We can rightly assume that Korff would charge a little for these live appearances and then donate the money to the schools treasury. Good for you Kalvin.

Page 126 - 127: Top Academic Seniors, Kalvin Korff was not listed.
For completness we present Korff's partner in the JFK research, Mr. Richard Kichhofer senior photo.
And Korff's sister Kyra's Sophomore photo from the 1980 yearbook.

Korff mentioned on Facebook that some of his high school photos were being released and it's no big deal. What Korff didn't understand then is that these photos and information gathered from his yearbooks and from his fellow students and teachers helped to prove our claim that Korff is a proven liar and massive confabulator. So we think it is a big deal. Shower Photos ~ LINK

Korff Life Story in his own Words