Teenage Dreamer

Junior Year ~ 1979
John F. Kennedy High School - Fremont, California
Korff was found to be a member of the German Club, the school newspaper, and there is information presented regarding his JFK research. No listing for Korff could be found for any sports, music, drama, etc.


Kyra Korff

This is the only proof that Korff was ever in a German Club while at Kennedy High. This doesn't mean that he wasn't in a class or club for more years, however no German class or club could be identified in the 1978 or 1980 yearbooks, his Sophomore and Senior years.
Regarding Korff claims of speaking the German language. A man who was involved in UFO research up until 2000 has plenty to say about Korff's German language claim.

December 20, 2010

I agree with you that it does not mean a lot if you take language courses in high school - I took English, Latin, Russian and French and I am only fluent in English, can read Latin, impress young ladies in Russian and completely fail in French.

I addressed Kal Korff in German when I met him at a UFO Expo West in L.A., and he did not understand a single word. That was funny, since I speak "High German", with only a slight Rhinish accent, when the Swiss with their heavy Swiss German are even extremely difficult to understand for the average German.

Languages are certainly not Kal's strong side. He lives in Prague for a decade but according to all my Czech sources he still does not speak more than ten words of Czech. But w... who cares?

Greetings, Mike Hesemann

Monday, May 5, 1997.

A message Kalvin Korff sent to Researcher Michael Hessemann.

"P.S. The NAME OF MY GERMAN PROFESSOR (ed. Bruce W. Edwards) who I had for FOUR YEARS in high school is mentioned on page 11 of my book that exposes Meier, which you keep a copy of in your bathroom. My best friend at the time from Switzerland, Mr. Richard Kirchhofer, is also mentioned on page 11. He and I were the ONLY TWO PEOPLE IN THIS CLASS for my 11th and 12 grade German III and IV classes, so we couldn't hide or duck any of our lessons. This is how I devloped an ear for both german and Swiss-German. I graduated with a "B" in German by the way, Michael. You may call them and speak with them if you like. They'll understand you, whether you speak in German or English. I DOUBT YOU'LL follow up on this, though, because it would destroy your unique REALITY DISTORTION FIELD that knows no bounds. Zieg Heil! and Keep trying Michael, Kal Korff"

Regarding the text above. In 1979, Korff was in the German Club with 15 other students. Why would the club have 15 students and the "class" have only 2? JFK research partner Richard Kirchhofer was in this club as well. No German club or proper German classes were listed in the '78 or '80 yearbooks.

NOTE: We present more proof that contradicts Korff's claim to speak 7 languages (a claim made in 2008).

Korff spent a full 10 years in the CZ. Korff released this video which clearly proves that after 8 years of immersion in the Czech life style, Korff never addressed people using simple Czech phrases like, Hello, Goodbye, How are you, etc.

Korff claims to speak, to some degree, seven different languages.

In 2010, Korff evidently washed his hair with a sink cleaner of some sort. Tina said Korff told her that the lable was in Russian and his Russian was rusty and he didn't know what was inside the bottle.

Kalvin Korff Newspaper Man

We can find two listings of Korff being associated with the school newspaper. One as a Junior (1979) and one as a Senior (1980). Notice that Richard Kirchhofer is also identified. Mr. Kirchhofer is the "other" guy who helped Korff with his JFK report.

Korff did mention Kirchhofer in his 1995 Meier
book as his Swedish friend. No JFK mention.

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The above text is where things start to go wild and weird for Korff (Mr. Kirchhofer is never cited or referred to regarding this episode). A full year after Korff and Kirchhofer released their JFK research (1978, then published in the 1979 yearbook), Korff claims he was pulled out of Mr. Cavgelia's Social Science class (in 1980, his Senior year) by a phone call from "people".

There are eyewitnesses to Korff being called to the Administration Office while he was attending Mr. Cavgelia's Social Sciences class. Korff's name was announced over the Public Address System.

After the announcement, Korff left the class room. At this point no reason was given by Korff as to why he was pulled out of class. There is no evidence that Kirchhofer was ever pulled out of class or school or contacted or interviewed.

Later on, Korff shared a story that "people" wanted all of Korff's data, and they wanted to know how and where he got his conclusions from.

A short time later (early in 1980) Korff claims that he was asked to join in, to join up, (not clear) and help with the effort to stop communism and International terrorism. A scant 3 years later Korff claims a friendship with William Casey, trips to Moscow, a vast network of contacts in and around Afghanistan, etc.

This time frame is somewhat aligned with Korff's claim that, “In November of 1979, I started secretly fighting against Communism and International terrorism.” However, at odds with this claim is the claim Korff made that he was "enlisted" to help his country in early 1980 after giving a "blistering speech about the Soviets" at a Council of World Affairs Conference held in San Francisco in 1980. We contacted the CWA and they have no record of Korff attending or giving a speech at that conference.

In response to this 1979 claim, Korff claims to have graduated in 1979 (his Junior year) and he started taking college prep courses, and he only came back in 1980 to enjoy the graduation ceremony with his classmates. More on this claim be found here. LINK

NOTE: After interviewing students and teachers that were in classes with Korff, we found out that Richard Kirchhofer, Korff's partner in the JFK research, was never called out of school, contacted or interviewed. One might ask, why would Korff be contacted and his research partner not?

Lastly, we present this photo. Korff has commented, regarding a newspaper article printed about him back in 1994 which showed him wearing glasses, that he's never worn glasses. I wonder if that includes sun glasses?

Listen to this audio as Korff comments on the article and photo from the San Jose Mercury Times (January 1994). Korff states that the article is of a good size, and that it's him in the article, etc. He states that the photo is NOT him because he's wearing glasses. So, we dug up the article and sure as shit, it's Korff, or a Men in Black imposter.


You can watch the video where this audio came from here.

Korff Life Story in his own Words

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