Don Ecker
"Kalvin Karlton Korff is a Turd."

Don Ecker has had a long and storied multi-tiered career spanning military service, law enforcement, and vast coverage in and with the media - newspaper, magazines, television and radio. In many ways, Kalvin Karlton Korff would like nothing more than to have a similar "reality-based" career history as Don Ecker and Kevin Randle (two of his frequent targets) and for that matter David Biedny, a bona fide tech master with confirmable accreditation, all of which Korff would relish adding to his sad-sack biography of lies and half truths.

In fact, do a Google search on all four men and you’ll see a vast difference between Korff and the rest... there’s no comparison.

In any case, here’s a brief breakdown of the “what and the why”, Don Ecker came out swinging, publicly, out of the shadows and full throttle against “that Turd” Kalvin Karlton Korff.

To start off this thread of information, please go to this page and read about what got Korff tied up in knots in the first place and why Korff went after Don and why Korff made a bad decision in going after Don. I'll Eat My Hat!

Don also got pissed off about Korff’s actions in the 2000s (though he knew of Korff way before then); specifically, with Korff’s insistence on wearing unearned medals and military garb while presenting himself as a secret solider of some sort.

Note: To add to a clear case of Korff stealing valor, in 2011, Korff made the grand announcement that he his now an accredited Military correspondent as well. Read more here. LINK

Korff states that he hasn't stolen valor. Look at the pins on Korff's "uniform". You see those - that's an example of stealing valor.

Stolen Valor

Jacket-off photo op.

Jacket-on photo op, same location , same time, same day.

More military delusion images

Bald head after shaving it off and going undercover tracking down skinheads (lie) and going to Oregon to help sink his brothers court case (true) but he didn't go there anyway.

Teaching a "class" to some guy and
that guy who plays Korff's lawyer (red sweater).

Paint Ball War Games

Check out those military swish swag titles. Wow! Mr. Important.

Onward... couple that behaviour with Korff calling Major Kevin Randle a “coward” for not debating Korff in a Roswell Debate. LINK Korff calls another person a coward in a whole different case! LINK

Korff then took offense to Don’s explanation regarding water-boarding and Korff then ran with a condemnation video “based” on Don’s beliefs; beliefs which Korff doesn't seem to understand now or then.

To add insult to making Don (and Kevin Randle) even more pissed off, Korff claimed that he had Thanksgiving lunch with the troops while Korff was out on “exercises.”

Korff has supplied zero proof of his claim of having a meal with the troops. One would think that Korff would have been proud to post a couple of photos and crow even more about this opportunity. After all Kalvin, this activity wasn't part of your private life, like your marriage to your Indian Princess, which you hid from the paparazzi. :-)

Major Kevin Randle weighs in on this claim


Good Afternoon,

Korff annoyed me with his claim of dining with our soldiers which is an obvious lie. And when he called Jesse Marcel a liar. Marcel was a real military officer, Korff was just the liar. But other than an occasional mention of the Korff is an Idiot, I have no plans to say anything else.



All of this behaviour led to Don doing a few radio shows on Korff and his shenanigans. These shows were presented over the Cyber Stations Network, on Don’s show “Dark Matters Radio”. Don had most of the major Korffers and players appear on the show: F1Racer, JimmyD, Tina, FN and non Korffers but people involved nonetheless; David Biedny and Major Kevin Randle. In these shows, Don and his guests laid waste to Korff and his claims. Tina, most especially, called Korff out big-time.

After the shows, Korff - pissed off and looking to up the ante - impersonated a number of people, lawyers and lawyer firms to try and scare Don and his Cyber Station associates into taking Don's show off the air, to remove the Kal is an Idiot Blog and the KIAI YouTube channel, to threaten Don with litigation, etc.

Before Don Ecker went "Full Throttle Don Ecker" on Korff, Korff released a few videos on Youtube under the title "Desperate Don". In one of these videos Korff promised to release a video of some sort which people could purchase for $24.95. It should come as no surprise that this DVD never saw the light of day.

Korff Face Book Rant regarding Ecker's invitation to come on his radio show and debate Ecker. LINK

None of this worked (and nothing was ever followed through with in any case) and Don defiantly and with very funny discourse, tore into Korff with renewed focus resulting in Korff, by and large, backing off and saying very little about Don Ecker for many months.

Sadly for Kalvin Karlton Korff, Don’s reprisal of him is not quite over. Don plans on a few more shows in 2012 to close out the Turd's case and "career" - that of a liar, thief and fraud that is Kalvin Karlton Korff.

Proof of Korff's illegal impersonation of a Los Angles-based lawyer and the rest of this chicanery can be found below.

You can e-mail Don Ecker here

Korffing Proof

Kal is an Ididot Youtube Channel ~ LINK ~ On this channel you can listen to the entire Ecker vs Korff exposé and much Korff-related material.
Korff's Threats Against Don Ecker ~ Youtube via Facebook

You can watch our "re-edited with the Truth"
versions of Korff's Nanodust videos below.

As far back as 1997, Korff has been making these claims and threats against JimmyD, F1Racer, Don Ecker, Kevin Randle, Michael Horn, Royce Meyers III, Tina, Billy Meier, Ray Santilli, Rob McConnell, and many, many, many more. As of January 2012, no one has ever been served and no one has ever been sued.
This is the first lawyer / law firm whose identity Kalvin Korff stole and in whose name sent an e-mail to, threatening Don and the station with all manner of lawyerly stuff. Here's the e-mail Korff sent, using an anonymous e-mail server (as is Korff's habit when sending out material whose substance he doesn't want people to figure out is all horse shit and lies). Message Unedited. Spelling not changed. Below that is the real conact information for the lawyer Korff stole the identity of.
From: "Anonymous Remailer (austria)"
Date: March 1, 2011 5:49:10 PM EST
Subject: Don Ecker's lies and slander


I represent Colonel Kal K Korff of the Israeli founded Special Secret Services. Recently Don Ecker, broadcasting his "show" on your website, SLANDERED AND LIBELED Colonel Korff on many different levels.
Don Ecker is a noted LIAR, FRAUDSTER, AND SUPPORTER OF TORTURE. His unhealthy obsession with Colonel Korff has made him commet several ILLEGAL acts on his radio show.

Ultimately, Cyber Station USA is responsible for the content of Don Ecker's program.

This is a notice for you to REMOVE Don Ecker and his show from your web service or YOU will be held accountable in several lawsuits that Colonel Korff will be filing against Don Ecker.

Law Office of Robert D. Coviello

Law Offices of Robert D. Coviello

31815 Camino Capistrano, Suite 19
San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675
T: 949-429-7500F: 949-429-7505
No need to get too deeply into this post, Suffice to say, no case number was ever released and couldn't have cared less if Korff's article was "credible" or not. They needed material to fill the web site (this article never made it to the magazine) and yes, many people wrote to the web site asking why on earth would they post anything on their site from this cyber stalker and lunatic. As of January, 2012, Korff's amateurish article can no longer be found on the site.

Now pay attention Korffers. Korff is crowing about ANOTHER law firm that he hired to go after Don Ecker when Don called out Korff as a lying a-hole after he impersonated the LA based lawyer.

So Kalvin, sent off another e-mail, this time from a real lawyer firm based in India, and using a sort of real e-mail address, although attempts were made to contact the firm, all to no avail. Here's the Original, and very long and very "not lawyerly written" rant. LINK

Here’s this lawyers contact info. No personal e-mail could be found for NARINDER. But try this general contact e-mail: This seems to be the web site he’s associated with:

Notice an India based lawyer is used now, not a US based lawyer.


(Resi.) 146, Industrial-A, Ludhiana

(R) 2666379, 5022422


Sidebar: When this second attempt didn't work, Korff impersonated a general in his fake Secret Service Army. Here's that e-mail. LINK and yet another "possibly" unlawful use age of a law firm in a whole different case! LINK

And again, another law firm Korff theatened to use in 2006 for his other law suits that never happened. LINK
Yes, praise YHWY indeed. I wouldn't want to be Don Ecker now! I bet you can guess what happened next ... Nothing.

Instead of commenting on this ourselves, let's let Don Ecker speak for himself.

Posted by Don Ecker on the KIAI blog, December 3, 2011

Hmm, lets see, today is December 7, 2011. Pearl Harbor Day in the U.S.

Took an excursion down Memory Lane .. from March, 2011.

"March 23, 2011

Good day fellow Korffer's. As I jot this small note the date is March 23rd, 2011. The reason I mentioned this? No court documents served, no "missives" from the Village Idiot's vast army of Indian lawyers, no asset searchs and that smelly little ol' turd has STILL failed to contact me directly to appear on DMR to answer the allegations of David Biedny, Kevin Randle, FN, myself, Tina or a host of others. korff, you TURD, your time is wayyyyyyyyy past. Don't you think it might be time to KOWBOY up once in your miserable and useless life?


Don Ecker"

STILL NO PAPERS SERVED. No Asset searchs, no further missives from the Village Idiot's Indian Lawyers. Hey Kal, KISS MY ASS You TURD!

Don Ecker