Newspapers and Korff

Based on the the length of time Korff has been making his claims (from the mid- 2000's to today) and the personal time-line these claims cover (from the mid 1970's to today) why isn't there more newspaper coverage available on Korff?

We've searched far and wide and we can present what we've found on the web. We're in the process of hitting up California and Washington libraries, etc., to search over the micro fetch material. We will add those documents to this archive as they become available.

To answer the question above, Korff did garner some press over the decades. At issue is the fact that he confabulated that minor coverage into a massive claim (and proven lie) which only Korff's fantasy can support.


In this Korff video, Korff (with deep hatred and indignation against all who dare question him) presents information regarding the various newspapers articles written on him.

Notice that Korff will not scan and post the more difficult to find articles, explaining that he's not important enough and that researchers need to do their own research and find them themselves and maybe they will have a better understanding of the material.

Aside from the fact that Korff is important enough (in his own mind) to post endless videos and material about himself, we'll take him up on that challenge Kalvin.

"I'm Not Going To Scan These For You!"