Kal Korff Begins Final Edits on New Six Volume Series on Islamofascism, Hatred, Extremists and CONspiracy Nuts       
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Written by Kal Korff - op. ed. on the road    
Monday, 09 May 2011 20:52 

Dear World,

I am pleased to announce that I have started the final edits for my new six volume series on Islamofascism, Islamofascist-based terrorism, hatred, extremism, and the provably delusional mindset of the CONspiracy and pro-paranormal crowd. This work has taken me eight years to complete (six books in eight years is not a bad pace of production) and I am now finalizing the final release candidate that I will be sending to my publisher.

While there are those who have lied over the years, and have falsely claimed this work does not exist, they will soon find out they were not only wrong, but several of them get exposed in the book. For years I have been keeping meticulous records and copies of various Internet posts, to PROVE my theory that there is NO DIFFERENCE between an Islamofascist who wants to harm you just because you refuse to believe in their twisted religion, vs. a UFO, 911 or CONspiracy nut who also wants to harm you just because you don't believe that Uncle Sam has Little Grey Leprechauns tucked away in pickle jars at Area 51.

There are many famous people who all get Xposed in the new manuscript, including many infamous names from the 911, UFO, "paranormal," JFK, and other CONspiracy areas. What unites all of these types are extremism, intolerance, hatred, and the desire and willingness to harm others who disagree with them.

Having engaged many of them personally over the years, and having warned several that they were also part of a experiment and a larger thesis I hope to turn into a degree some day, it still did not matter to some types.

Reality and truth often never matters to extremists.

The very definition of an extremist, is one who refuses to accept facts and reality.

Lastly, I also take on and expose many of the false claims made about me which exist on the Internet. I have patiently waited to do so, because a book series about extremists is the best place to do it. The false claims about me, specifically made on a web site which exists only to harm me, are part of a larger psychoses and problem in our society, it's not "just about  Kal Korff."

In the book, you will see actual police reports and other documents, proving what I have long claimed.

The first 30 pages have now been frozen, for Volume I, they will not be changed except by my publisher, who always has this right. I will provide regular updates citing the progress, as I now start the countdown to finishing this.

The whole series has been rewritten countless times, as numerous events and operations unfolded over time. I do not want this material to be dated by the time it is released, and with all of the tremendous changes taking place in the Middle East, it has proven to be an enormous challenge.

I also prove that certain entities really do exist, and I have ALWAYS said that I will prove and reveal many things in the new book series, and I have deliberately waited until then, since this was the vehicle and platform chosen many years ago to do it through. I stated this years ago on the radio, repeatedly, and I meant it.

After the evidence is out, and certain bozos have collective egg on their faces and are Xposed for being the haters and extremists that they are, people will still believe what they WANT to, regardless.

The target audience is NOT those who already have their deluded minds made up, instead it is those who are not sure what to believe.

Everyone from various governments, world politicians, famous authors, and bozos who have attacked and threatened me over the years all get Xposed. They deserve it, and no one is spared.

The total manuscript series now stands at 2,373 pages, I will work now over the next few months to cut it down and streamline it.

Then, my plan is to walk away from many of these subjects. If I cannot communicate facts and what is now going to be proved over the course of a couple of thousand pages, I never will be able to.

I will also be cutting back on the number of Facebook "friends" I have accumulated, since engaging UFO and CONspiracy nuts is no longer needed, the experiment and study are now over — the results and bloody battles per se are all detailed in the book series.

Stay tuned...