The Not So Secret Wars History

Kalvin Karlton Korff has been promising a book on Islamofascism. This was first announced as a single volume, and then expanded to a trilogy, and then a six-volume book series, of which the fuzzy focus is Islamofascism, “hatred”, extremists and “CONspiracy nuts”. The title has been amended several times but the most recent version of the title seems to be:

Secret Wars:
Defending Against Terrorist Plots.

The publisher of three of Korff's previous books, Prometheus Books, and the publisher Korff claims will handle this book (or series of books), has been contacted by Korffers on a steady basis over the last five years for an update on the release date.

As of December 2011, Prometheus has consistently stated that it has no manuscript in hand, even though Korff has made various claims (2006 to 2011) ranging from: the manuscript was being turned in by Korff himself; the manuscript was being hand-delivered by someone named "Captain Franks"; video will be released of the manuscript being mailed; chapters have been sent off for peer review; and so on.

Prometheus Books has gone so far as to state that they "aren't in the Kal Korff business anymore" ~ "there are no plans to publish that book" ~ "the book has been put on indefinite hold". Korff stated that putting a book on indefinite hold is common practice when a manuscript isn't turned in by the date agreed upon.

December, 2008 ~ Korff message sent to a "fan".

The book is divided into three areas, overview, past present and future.

Vol 1: Is a book by itself, one long chapter.

Vol 2: Explains the "players" involved.

Vol 3: Covers Munich Massacre and nails Spielberg and George Jonas and his Vengeance book as a fraud.

Vol 4: Covers eliminating Saddam's reactor and assassinating Dr. Gerald Bull.

Vol 5: Covers 911 up through Iraq.

Vol 6: Is about how the future means we ARE doomed in less than 100 years unless we change.

Kal Korff and the Israeli-founded "Special Secret Services"

In 2006, Kal Korff started making the claim that he was an officer in the Special Secret Services (or S3 for short), but what kind of organization is he referring to? Information outside of Korff-related articles is apparently non-existent. From Korff himself we learn this:

"As a Captain in the Special Secret Services or (S3), Korff focuses specifically on counter terrorism operations, penetration and disruption initiatives, and is also involved in execution. Additionally, Korff helps expose and prosecute consumer frauds. His three book series called Secret Wars: Defending Against Terrorist Plots, will be published by Prometheus Books in 2007 and is considered to be the definitive work on terrorism yet written.

It reveals the first details of Korff's longstanding work in counter intelligence, which was first disclosed by the Czech media in July of 2006."

READ AGAIN: It reveals the first details of Korff's longstanding work in counter intelligence, which was first disclosed by the Czech media in July of 2006.

The "media" cited is in fact Korff's own newsletter. And note that Korff states that since he was a junior in High School (16 years old) and still attending school full time, Korff was already fighting terrorism. No other media coverage can be found regarding Korff's claims either before or after 2006. All media "coverage" regarding these claims came directly from Korff and Korff operatives (i.e. Avi Ashkinazi and Martina Tycova).

Kal's Korner - 2006
Czech free daily Metropolitní Expres
ceased publication April 7, 2008

One might ask what qualifies UFO and Bigfoot researcher, Kalvin Korff, to write a book (or a series of books) on this subject matter? Well, on the surface, nothing. But if you look into his claims since 1999 (and back even further - for example, he claims to have worked with Reagan-era CIA Director, Bill Casey, Oliver North, and President Reagan himself as far back as November, 1979, when Korff was still in high school), then there's nobody on the planet more qualified that Kalvin Karlton Korff to write this book (or series of books).

Those claims have been looked into and nothing of substance or truth could be found.

* Regarding William Casey, Bob Woodward - author of the well-received “Veil: The Secret Wars of the CIA”, which includes detailed coverage of William Casey - writes on January 2, 2012, "I've never heard of this person."

* Regarding the Oliver North claim, FN sent him and his people an e-mail on July 22, 2009. The response: "I've never heard of anyone named Korff."

* Further, Mr. Joseph Persico, author of “Casey: The Lives and Secrets of William J. Casey - From the OSS to the CIA” writes: "Kal Korff who?"

* Steve Coll's book “Ghost Wars: The Secret History of the CIA, Afghanistan, and Bin Laden, From the Soviet Invasion to September 10, 2001”, presents Casey's role in the Afghanistan War. Here's what he had to say: "I did a vast amount of research into William Casey past and the name Kal Korff never came up in any way."

* On December 26, 2010, a similar response came from a true war hero, not afraid to comment on the claims of Kalvin Karlton Korff, the honourable Mr. Dale Dye. LINK

* January 7, 2012 - Major Kevin Randel steps up again to give us his feedback. LINK

Kal Korff: "My FAMILY name stretch's back a thousand years, the Korff's, have a CLEAR AND FACTUAL timeline of fighting terrorism since THE ROMAN EMPIRE."

Do yourself a favor - Google the name "Kal Korff" ~ "Kal Korff Military" ~ "Kal Korff terrorism" ~ "Kal Korff ROMAN EMPIRE" and see what you get.

NOTE: Korff adopted the freedom fighter persona in 2000, after he left the US under a veil of secrecy for various possible reasons; to save his life; to evade a good old-fashioned ass whipping; to avoid being sued; to live out his life in peace on the cheap; etc.

Korff floated this freedom fighter persona from 2000 to 2011. Korff recently discarded (by and large) the fake freedom fighter persona in favor of the new fake persona, that of a Face Book tethered, fully accredited (by the country of India, we assume), military vetted, investigative journalist/reporter.

Regarding the subject of the book (or series of books), it should be noted that Korff claims to have written a valid "thesis" (Korff has no college degree) making the connection between terrorists and people who believe in fringe subjects. This text was taken from Korff's Face Book Bio page:

"My thesis proves that there is NO DIFFERENCE between an Islamofascist terrorist who wants to kill you just because you refuse to believe in their twisted form of religion, versus a Billy Meier UFO Cult "believer" or a Roswell "UFO crash" nut or JFK CONspiracy buff who also wants to hurt you just because you do NOT believe (and in my case am officially and globally known for having disproven) many of their fraudulent claims.

Clearly there are major problems with the core tenets of Korff's "thesis". However, what we find even more interesting is Korff's attempt to shoe-horn his writings and the experience he gained as a teenage UFO researcher/newspaper reporter/JFK assassination researcher/public speaker, and to apply that information and experience to his new and patently fake "terrorists fighter for the world" persona (and writings), and then to apply this "lifestyle" into a self-depiction as a catch-all polymath, cobbling together everything Korff has shown an interest in since his high school days at the John F. Kennedy High School in Fremont, California.

A clear case can be made for Korff holding onto his high school successes and failures (with a vigorous attachment), and carrying over this experience to his adult life. Armed with no tools to filter, qualify or quantify these childhood and childish experiences and to distill them and pragmatically balance them through the mind and maturity of an adult, we are now subject to the immature behaviour of a person we can now rightly identify as the "Korff Man-Child."

Kalvin Karlton Korff, banging about the Internet, doing whatever he can to build upon the small shore break of success he received in high school and sputtered along with throughout the '80 and early '90's. Kalvin Karlton Korff, trying to build that early and spotty goodwill up to a tidal wave he could ride into history to join the greats he wishes to emulate ‑ Steve Jobs being highest on the list. A lofty goal, but sadly, Korff could not ride the wave out of the 1990s with his head held high.

More on this "thesis" can be found elsewhere on this website.

Might Kalvin Korff get a book (or series of books) published some time in the future? Sure, he's a published author. But ask yourself, what sane person would tarnish their upcoming work (and their past works) with an endless stream of falsehoods, lies, missteps, threats, and public behavior which go against any good will which would help sell the project, or the man?

Here's a May, 2011 announcement made by Korff regarding the release of this long in coming project. Link

The story of this book (or series of books) is very convoluted, muddied and full of outright lies, half truths and more.

Here's a smattering of images we've collected to make our point regarding this interesting behavior.

These ISBN Numbers do not exist. Check out it here.

Greg Long has some major issues with Korff. We're trying to look into just what went down regarding the Bigfoot book Korff wrote the foreword for, but until we get that info, we’ll share this with you. Korff’s a huge liar, so take this Korff-produced info for what it's worth.


This was the first public mention by Korff of the term "Korffing". Solid proof that Korff monitors the “Kal is an Idiot blog” which he is loathe to mention. Obviously Korff is proud that his activities have fostered a group of people located around the world who are Korffers, and they engage in Korffing to unearth the truth about his claims and endless lies. Now there’s something to be proud about.

Notice Korff boasting about nanodust success. Korff has provided zero proof of nano-anything, ever. We also have every piece of material Korff sent to Sheriff Gill Gilbertson and that case against his brother, Kurtis. Sorry Kalvin. You lie. That material (not the nanodust) can be found here and in these videos.

Kalvin, we've been waiting - to get sued, to be exposed, to see a one, three- or six-book series to be released.

Don't get ahead or yourself Kalvin. Before you make any more promises, please finish the “eight years in the making” book (or book series) done.

Then release the "fully researched and vetted audit" of the Obama Prague speech you claim to have attended with a group of students.

And then release the massive Occupiers article (its content based on a claimed 1200 interviews you and your "team" conducted) before moving on to other projects.

In the end, our most pressing question is whether the book (or series of books, or .PDF book …) will ever see the light, or darkness of day? Get on it Kalvin. We wanna read it.

The biggest shocker is if the book (or series of books... or .PDF book) ever see the light, or darkness of day. Get on it Kalvin. We wanna read it.
January 11, 2012 ~ Another promise to deliver on the book (or series of books).
February 26, 2012 ~ Another promise to deliver the book (or series of books).