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Kalvin Karlton Korff has made plenty of claims while appearing on various television, radio and video projects. Here we present a smattering of Korff audio rants, claims and wars.

February 10, 2012 ~ Korffer "FN" appeared on the X-Zone Show to talk about the launch of this web site and on Korff and Korffing in general.

Segment One

Segment Two ~ the sound gets very bad in this segment.

Segment Three ~ FN gives Rob McConnell the opportunity to respond to the charge that he should have acted upon the critical information he was receiving and kicked Korff of his show sooner than he did.

Segment Four

On February 24, 2011, Don Ecker broadcasted a show, an exposé if you will, on Kalvin Korff. In this show, and on a few follow ups shows, Mr. Ecker lays waste to Kalvin Korff and his many claims and threats. The original broadcast can also be "watched" on youtube. LINK

A follow up show to the original 2011 Don Ecker ~ Korff Exposé.

The X-Zone Radio Show. In this episode, Korff comments on issues in Israel, UFO's, the lables people put on Kal Korff and where in the production process is the Kal Korff - Michael Horn: Billy Meier DVD Debate. This DVD project never happened. Korff's segment starts at the 5 minute mark.

The X-Zone Radio Show - January 15, 2008. In this episode Korff discusses his legal issues regarding his brother Kurtis Kern Korff. Korff's Mother, Dorothy Toone, appears as well. You can find more Kurtis Korff info here. LINK

The X-Zone Radio Show - October 10, 2008. In this episode Korff discusses the global financial problems.

The X-Zone Show, May 1, 2008

Segment #1 - The X-Zone Show, May 1, 2008. Korff talks about the release of his youtube series called "Ufology" which then morphed into "Ufoology". They then discuss why people don't help each other before a crisis happens, etc.

Segment #2 - The X-Zone Show, May 1, 2008. Korff is questioned on how best to answer listener questions regarding the Korff-supplied X-Zone iPod. This iPod issue is another part of Korff, then ever expanding Apple product scam, in which Korff tried to bring McConnell into the scam as well. No iPod's were ever shipped off to McConnell, ever, not one, period.

The X-Zone Show, May 5, 2008

Segment #1 - The X-Zone Show, May 5, 2008. Korff talks about politics and then he goes off on the USA and Americans regarding the "fact" that most of them do not have a passport and their ignorant for not having one and traveling around to experience the peoples of the world. Korff goes on to state that he would like to have school aged kids "forced" to go over to another country for a time to experience that type of education and life experiance.

Segment #2 - The X-Zone Show, May 5, 2008. The question of Global Warming comes up and it's interesting that Korff stays out of the fray for the most part. Korff is an ardent Global Warming Denier and he never really states his position on that to McConnell, what with this being Korff's only radio coverage then and since, I suppose Korff felt it best not to ruffle McConnell's feathers and risk being pulled from the air.

The X-Zone Show, May 9, 2008

Segment #1 - The X-Zone Show, May 9, 2008. Korff talks about MAV (Micro Air Vehicle) technology and these spider and dragon fly size and shaped devices will be successful in tracking down bin Laden. Korff then goes into talking about "wishing they would drag him into court" over the information in his (forever) forth coming book (or series of books) on Terrorism, and that he had a relationship with people who are "in power now" since he was in high school.

Segment #2 - The X-Zone Show, May 9, 2008. Listen as Korff claims that he has sent, and will be sending more "pieces" of nano technology to Sheriff Gil Gilbertson (and Rob McConnell) in Oregon, and that he will be video taping the shipping of this material. Korff claims that Gilbertson's office was already infiltrated with that material. One might ask, what could are nano-parts? What can they do? What good is a car tire without the rest of the car? Of course, no video was ever made and no nano-nothing was sent to anyone.

Korff then thanks McConnell for being the host of a debate between the Korff Family and the Josephine Country players. This of course never happened.

Korff comments on people in the UFO community who continue to comment on his shenanigans. Korff talks about "Where's Ray Santilli?" Remember, Korff did nothing to Santilli and here he blames it on people at Scotland Yard.... right. Korff closes out the segment talking about religion....

Segment #3 - The X-Zone Show, May 9, 2008. In this final segment, Korff talks about solving the Betty and Barney Hill Case, and that he hoping to get an update on his brothers health issues after he was shot in the face during that unfortunate run in with the Josephine County Police, etc.

The X-Zone Show, May 16, 2008

Segment #1 - The X-Zone Show, May 16, 2008. Korff talks about waiting to receive 13 CD's packed full of forensics which haven't yet been seen. He's asked "Why should we care about your Brothers case?", to which Korff goes off talking about changing the way the courts works, etc. Keep in mind that his brothers case is over at the time of this broadcast.

Segment #2 - The X-Zone Show, May 16, 2008. Listen as Korff is asked if law enforcement will get access to the computer technology that Korff used to "break the case to prove his brother was innocent of the "Attempted Murder Charge" and Korff says yes and then evades the question, never telling us what the technology is. Korff is also asked if Kurtis might do more jail time (which Kurtis did), and Korff evades that questions as well. Also, Korff previously stated that he had deep pockets, and that he would throw all the S3 resources at this case, nanodust and all, in this segment Korff states that they had a "public defender".

Segment #3 - The X-Zone Show, May 16, 2008. Listen as Korff is asked a question; "From where did you obtain your expertise in Terrorism?" This is where it gets deep friends. Korff goes on and on about how at 11 years old, October 19, 1973, Korff awoke with a new consciousness and realization regarding how messed up the world was; how is pre-teen friend, Raj Reddy, from India, was very helpful in helping Korff understand international and governmental affairs.

Korff then spins a tale (while promoting his then 4 book series on Terrorism) as he was asked to "join up" (no group or company), in 1980, to fight, as a rouge element (of sorts one supposes) to help his country. Every job he had, from LLNL to Boeing, all happened and we're part of, this grand International Terrorism Fighter gig. Korff never does answer the question. On and on and on and on....

Another question, "How can the Israeli Secret Service be secret if you're always bringing it up? He never answers the question.

Another question, "Whatever happened to the 25 million dollars that you we're bragging about and how come we haven't heard of anyone being charged with fraud?" Korff evades and bobs and weaves around these questions until the end of the show.

To his credit, host Rob McConnell really tried to pin Korff down, but all to no avail. Korff does say that if "they" don't want to sue "them" for consumer fraud there's nothing he can do." More pointedly though, Korff never served, or had anyone served, with any documentation that was real or binding, ever. Period.

Segment #4 - The X-Zone Show, May 16, 2008. Korff talks about the "big shift" from him and his group going after people undercover and then showing us the results (what results?) to doing it all in public. That's some shift; from getting no results in private to no results in public. NOTE: Nothing from Scotland Yard was ever released, EVER!